Rich Carango


Rich started his work with Schubert b2b in 1994 and now heads the agency in developing creative marketing communications programs that help global B2B companies build brands and win customers. 

He has a knack for thoroughly understanding clients’ products, services, customers, pain points and marketing needs. Rich is an expert at analyzing markets and competitors to identify the most valuable market position for clients.

As a leader, Rich has a gift for recognizing the specific strengths of Schubert team members and melding these diverse talents to develop and execute creative, strategic marketing campaigns that help B2B companies sell highly technical products to specialized markets.

Rich holds a B.A. degree in design from American University. When he isn’t thinking about B2B marketing, he likes to spend time with his wife and children.

Strategic planning, market segmentation, research & analysis, product brand management, integrated marketing communication plan development, global corporate brand development, digital marketing planning, strategy & execution, collaborative team development.