Christopher Raymond

Director of Web Experience

Chris specializes in developing user-friendly, fully responsive, high-end websites for B2B companies in a wide range of industries. Rather than building “set and forget it” websites, he monitors web performance over time and makes continuous improvements to increase conversions and help clients get the most out of their website investment.

Chris’s mission is to develop a deep understanding of how visitors are interacting with clients’ websites. He then uses this knowledge to identify and eliminate any friction points to conversions (e.g., confusing navigation, slow page loading times, etc.) and improve overall web engagement and lead generation.

Chris earned a degree in Graphic Design and Interactive Design from Hussian College and a Web Master Certification at Penn State University.

When he’s not in front of his computer designing, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and son, competing in local autocross events racing his Subaru WRX. Virtual reality is a big interest as well, and he is fully immersed in it using his Meta Quest 2.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO), user experience (UX), responsive design, screen designs, visual design, project management, heat mapping, search engine optimization (SEO), A/B testing.