PTW is well known across North America for the precision and reliability of their detectors. But they also offer a wide range of other dosimetry solutions for radiotherapy and radiology facilities. To increase awareness of their full product offering, PTW recently hosted a Lunch and Learn event at one of the industry’s leading trade shows.

PTW knew they needed the right strategy and strong messaging to make sure the event was a success. We worked with them to develop a promotional campaign that resulted in standing-room-only registration for PTW’s Lunch and Learn.

Laying the foundation

Our first step in any campaign is to develop buyer personas. We needed to get to know their audience and understand their needs and challenges. So we worked closely with PTW to learn more about their ideal customers. These discovery sessions uncovered key insights that helped us develop clear, concise messaging that would resonate with the trade show attendees.

Building a strategy

PTW’s goals were straightforward: build excitement around their products and position themselves as a key player in the industry. To meet these goals, we would need to send out the right mix of marketing materials. We would also need to connect with show attendees at the right time to keep PTW’s event top of mind.

We designed emails and a direct mailer that drove traffic to a dedicated landing page. For each design, we considered what each attendee would want to see. We focused on the products they would care about most, and we made sure the right message was getting to the right people. And a consistent look and feel across all the marketing materials established a strong brand identity.

Measuring the value

All of that promotional content paid off. PTW saw a 58% increase in registrations compared to last year.
That means there are more qualified contacts that PTW can continue to nurture.


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