QuantaCool manufactures environmentally friendly, low-impact cooling solutions for high-intensity electronics applications. Its patented microchannel heat pipe (MHP™) technology transfers large quantities of heat from its source without using pumps to an environmentally safe coolant that does not contain water. These systems improve the operation of electronic equipment, reduce energy consumption, decrease costs and lessen environmental impact.

When QuantaCool needed to create a engaging online experience, they called on the digital experts at Schubert b2b.

QuantaCool’s program included:

  • Buyer persona development

  • Navigation strategy

  • User interface designs

  • Code development and integration with Content Management System

QuantaCool Website Design

QuantaCool’s mission is to provide customers with reliable, efficient and safe cooling solutions for high-powered electronics.

QuantaCool Web Homepage Design
QuantaCool Website Prodcut Page Design
QuantaCool Technology Web Page Design
QuantaCool Website Prodcut Page Design

QuantaCool's new website informs and educates users seamlessly on desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone.

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