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B2B PR and social media are vital parts of a balanced Integrated Digital B2B Marketing campaign. Sweat equity is rewarded by relationships with editors, bloggers, buyers, journalists, and key industry influencers.

B2B buyers use social media. It can’t be ignored. By participating, your B2B brand earns trust among targeted groups of buyers.

Deliver the right message at the right time
Today, print publications have taken their industry expertise online too. Our B2B media experts create your messaging and get it placed exactly where prospects are looking to initiate conversations. Social media and PR play off each other. Our social ‘listening’ tools identify what buyers are saying…and when! They help us deliver hyper-relevant content at just the right time and then provide detailed data on responses. We’re able to focus ongoing PR and social media efforts where they deliver the most impact.
Long-form PR content, like articles and case studies in tech journals, online or in print, provide the third-party validation of your brand’s prowess. Social media outreach finds the buyers you want to engage and stimulates them to want to know more about your brand.

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