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Content is the holy grail of Integrated Digital B2B marketing. In its many forms, remarkable, thought-leading content drives engagement with buyers – inbound, outbound, online or off.

Before the internet, companies fought for print ad space in trade publications. Today, your B2B buyers can find the information they want online — anytime, anywhere. The internet offers endless possibilities for delivering your marketing message — social media, blogging, email, paid advertising and other content initiatives.

But with so many companies competing for your prospects’ attention, it’s easy for your messaging to get lost in the noise. Quality content is essential to capturing and holding onto your prospects’ attention. A strategic messaging plan, coupled with remarkable content execution, will give you the competitive advantage.

E-books. White papers. Blogs. Infographics. Articles. Videos. These are the carrots we dangle to entice prospects and capture their interest. Exchanging valuable content for contact information helps you turn a visitor into a lead, a lead into a prospect, and a prospect into a lifelong customer.

Great content requires great writers.
Delivering the right messaging takes a certain level of skill. Your potential customers are bombarded with hundreds or even thousands of sales messages a day. Your message has to be simple, direct, and easy to remember and understand. We’re talking about engaging, relevant content that resonates with your visitors, not specifications and sales jargon that turns buyers off.

Consider us the “master translators.”
Technical writing is what we do. You could say it’s in our DNA. We’ve worked with clients across all technical fields, including computer software, chemicals, pharma/biotech, electronics, instrumentation, and communications. We communicate complex and technical subject matters in a clear, concise manner. Our content marketing experts deliver powerful messaging through ebooks, white papers, blogs, infographics, articles, videos and all types of content.

We don’t create just any content; we create the right content. Content that helps prospects solve their challenges. Content that speaks their language and paves the way for long-lasting customer relationships. Most importantly, content that helps prospects find you, understand you, purchase from you and return for more.

Think of it this way — your buyers want to find your company and the solution that you offer. They need to. It’s their job to find partners who can solve their problems and make their life easier. Remarkable content builds those trusted connections and leads to a sale.

Tailor-made content designed for your buyer personas.
We write content that speaks directly to your buyer personas’ needs. We focus on their interests, their challenges and how your products or solutions solve those challenges. We learn what makes them tick, especially their process for qualifying vendors and making purchases. Once we understand their buying process, we create targeted content that engages your prospects every step of the way. That’s why having the right content is crucial.

Building your arsenal of effective, remarkable content.
Our process starts with a content audit to assemble, assess and catalog all your existing content. We recommend new materials to round out your content offering. Armed with their marching orders, our technical writers, graphic artists, and animation/video specialists get to work to tell your story across all marketing communication channels.

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