Joe Schubert

Joe Schubert

Founder & CEO

Joe flies, literally. He founded Schubert b2b to raise the performance of tech marcom to new heights. Joe calls it the WOW factor.

There are no bounds to Joe’s interests and abilities. Name a sport – golf, tennis, sailing, fishing, football, basketball, even horseshoes – Joe has trophies in them all. Name an art form – painting, music, theater – Joe’s been there too, on stage performing. Is it any wonder Joe has the visionary scope to reach for big ideas?

Who would guess that our founder and resident B2B marketing guru started his professional career as a computer engineer out of Villanova and University of Pennsylvania. Unisys, IBM, AT&T, Southern Telephone and Digilog Systems are prominent names on his resume – before falling in love with B2B marketing for tech-based companies.

Once hooked, Joe never looked back.

Rich Carango

Rich Carango

President & Creative Director

Rich is a renaissance man. Always thinking. Always laughing. Always creating. Always exploring. Always reaching for better ways to deliver a tech client’s message that no one else has thought of before.

Rich has a hungry mind. He is a student of history, anthropology, sociology and language. He believes that the more ideas you are exposed to, the more creative you can be.

Rich loves the challenge of helping tech-based clients become brand leaders. Many of our creative achievements and client success stories over the past 15 years bear his creative stamp.

Away from the office you’ll find Rich indulging his love of photography. Focus. Vision. Finding new angles, new ways of looking at things. It’s in his nature.

Rich earned his BA degree from The American University in Washington, DC.

Chris Raymond

Chris Raymond

VP, Interactive Services

With the hands of a mechanic, the brain of a programmer, the eye of a designer, and the vision of a marketing strategist, Chris is a rare blend of talents. That makes him perfect as the leader of all things web-related at Schubert b2b. How he keeps his fingernails clean as he restores his Ford Mustang Cobra is a mystery to all of us!

Chris takes his role as B2B website “tech head” very seriously because he knows how important a tech client’s website is. Every job – from a large, global enterprise website to a campaign microsite – has to befriend, inform and create desire for our client’s B2B brands.

Developing optimal website usability is a particular strength for Chris. He has traveled the world for our clients conducting hands-on usability studies before developing sites that deliver optimal online user experiences.

Chris is a graduate of The Hussian School of Art.

Chris Henneghan

Chris Henneghan

VP, Brand Strategy

Chris plays to win…on the court and at the agency. Forehand, backhand, down the line, crosscourt – she’s got an instinct for the right strategy and the right spin to help clients win.

Chris is laser-focused on client service. She’s all things B2B, with 25 years of experience helping tech companies score big.

What doesn’t Chris do well? She’s a master strategist and writer, experienced in every phase of B2B marketing on the internet, in print, or in video. Chris is an effective brand guardian who keeps all the players in top form…the creative team, vendors and the media.

One of her favorite WOW campaigns was helping a client create a new technology market category – self-service systems – to claim leadership and dominate. Chris holds a BS degree in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame.

Deb MacKenzie

Deb MacKenzie

VP, Operations

Deb, a pretty crafty artist in her own right, is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where she majored in graphic arts production management.

Deb cut her professional teeth managing production and customer relations at major printing companies before coming to Schubert b2b 15 years ago.

Deb’s a genius at multi-tasking, a master juggler worthy of the Cirque du Soleil. She keeps us all on track and on schedule. Best of all, she does it with a reassuring calm that makes hectic agency life so much more fun for everyone. If that sounds like the right temperament for a golfer, water skier, pilot and scuba diver – you nailed it. Deb cherishes challenges at play as well as in the office.

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