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Content is the holy grail of Integrated Digital B2B marketing. In its many forms, content marketing drives engagement with buyers – inbound, outbound, online or off.

Prior to the internet, your messaging had to fight for print ad space in trade publications. Now your B2B buyers have been freed to “Google it” to find information online wherever and whenever they want. There is endless space, but you have to compete hard for attention. As a result, you need to deliver content your buyers can trust as an authoritative solution to their problems. A strategic messaging plan, coupled with remarkable content execution, gives you the competitive advantage.

Let’s be perfectly frank — remarkable content requires remarkable writers

Creating the right strategic messaging is hard work. With so many different ways to deliver and share information, your marketing pieces have to represent value for your personas. It takes a special touch. We’re talking thought-leading educational information because it makes a connection, not specifications and hardcore sales jargon that turns buyers off.

We call our writers the “master translators”

Our clients are steeped in technology like computer software, chemicals, pharma/biotech, electronics, instrumentation and communications. It takes superb writing skills to turn technical material laced with specs into easy-to-understand dialog that starts conversations. You know it. It’s the kind of strategic messaging that interacts with buyers on their level. It speaks their language in ebooks, white papers, blogs, infographics, articles, and videos. Furthermore, our content marketing master translators help prospects find you, understand you throughout the buying cycle, purchase from you and return for more.

Consider this – buyers really want to find your brand and the value that you offer. They need to. It’s their job to find partners who can solve their problems. Remarkable content makes those connections that build trust and lead to a sale.

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