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The key word in marketing today is accountability. Spends must be justified. CEOs and CFOs demand marketing ROI. That’s why we make measuring and reporting your marketing results such an important part of our Integrated Digital B2B program. We’ll provide marketing ROI performance data that your C-suite and sales team can get excited about.

Closed-loop results deliver the insights you need

Our data team helps you close the loop between marketing and sales so you can see the precise path each prospect takes to become a customer. From the first touch point to the final sale. You’ll know which keywords drive the best traffic to your website. You’ll learn which social channels engage with your buyers. You’ll understand exactly how visitors use your website. You’ll find out which tradeshows deliver the best customers.

Detailed reports integrate all marketing channels

Detailed analytics and reporting bring together your online and offline channels to create a clear picture of your total integrated digital B2B program. By looking at the analytics, you can identify your buyers’ needs and understand what content pulls them through the purchasing journey. Inbound and outbound tactics link to landing pages that measure response. Web visits are logged and reported. Even phone call leads can be tracked to specific advertising activities. Every detail is at your fingertips so that you can make the best business decisions.

We’ll report on the tactics and messaging that are most effective at attracting prospects and converting them to customers. Working with you, we’ll use every piece of intelligence to continuously refine your program and provide metrics on marketing results that resonate with your C-suite and sales team.

That’s how we turn marketing activities into real-world results…like a more robust pipeline, a more efficient sales process and more wins! That’s marketing ROI at its best.

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