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Integrated Digital Marketing PlanningIntegrated Digital Marketing Planning

Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM) is bold and exciting. Planning takes in the big picture. We detail a strategic course to reach your goals. IDM sets the stage for inbound and outbound best practices. It boosts your selling opportunities and builds preference for your brand.

The first step is simple, yet critically important — we listen to you

It is your brand’s values style and customer commitment that inspire your team, your customers and quite frankly – us. Your perspective, insights and aspirations drive the action. Discovery is the heavy-duty pick and shovel work – the research required to find the big ideas that will propel your B2B brand forward. We dig deep to segment your market and define key buyer personas. Knowing their interests, problems, values and needs is fundamental for successful integrated marketing communications. This work is the foundation for establishing your leadership position in the industries that you serve.

Keeping your B2B competitors in our sights

Your brand is not alone in your market. Don’t you wish? Competitors are clamoring to win customer favor from you. They’re smart. What they do matters because your brand must take them on and win. We search for a unique messaging strategy that differentiates your brand and positions you to take the lead.

Making digital marketing your friend

Digital Marketing has come of age. IDM gives B2B marketers an easy way to fully leverage the power of the internet. Your website, empowered by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes a preferred destination 24/7. Imagine SEO as a big electromagnet that attracts buyers. Imagine your website being lead-nurturing engine. Imagine analytics that enable you to document marketing success. CFOs just love that. Integrated Digital Marketing makes that happen...and so much more.

Transformation to Integrated Digital Marketing

An Integrated Digital Marketing transformation involves all of your people. Everyone in your organization has to understand that the B2B landscape has changed. B2B buyers are no longer dependent on salespeople to provide information and solutions. B2B buyers live online. Social media, websites, SEO, blogging and other content initiatives are now immensely relevant. They are the new 24/7 sales reps. Integrated digital B2B marketing strategies deal with this new reality. Scary? Hardly. We have the IDM experience and digital skill set to implement a program for you.

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