Like every B2B company, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments wants leads. The challenge is generating qualified leads with the best chance of converting into customers. Shimadzu offers a broad range of advanced analytical instruments to scientists across many industries. For the best results, they need a marketing program that identifies top prospects from each market and nurtures them into qualified sales leads.

And that’s exactly what Schubert b2b delivered. The content marketing program we created for Shimadzu generates an average of 180 marketing qualified leads every month.

It all starts with personas

We start every marketing program by getting inside the heads of the decision-makers and the people who influence buying decisions. These are the key personas. So we worked with Shimadzu to identify the personas in each market. Discovery sessions uncovered their top goals, biggest challenges and how Shimadzu instruments can help them do their job better and more efficiently.

Content is the currency

At the heart of the program is engaging content that is meaningful to Shimadzu’s personas. We’re talking eBooks, animations, ePosters and videos that share important insights on the topics and pain points the personas care about most. By creating the content they want, and building a program that delivers it right to their inbox, we entice them to fill out web response forms and connect with Shimadzu. They exchange their contact information for content that speaks to their challenges. That’s the exchange — the currency — that drives modern marketing.

This is the key to success. If the content isn’t right, the leads don’t come.

Marketing automation drives the engine

Once the content was ready, we used Shimadzu’s marketing automation platform to deliver it. Drawing from a segmented database of raw leads, we developed email workflows for each market. An email workflow is designed to nurture leads and guide them through the buying process. Prospects were offered various content pieces and other offers based on their response to the emails. As they worked their way through the program, they were scored based on their actions. The more contact they made with Shimadzu, the higher the score until they reach the status of Marketing Qualified Lead. At that point, they are handed over to the sales team.

The power of data

The most exciting part about this lead generation program is all the data it provides to the sales team. The lead profiles include name, company, job title, etc. But most importantly, we get the contact’s history. We can see the content they downloaded, the web pages they visited and when these activities occurred.

That means the sales team gains a deeper understanding of each lead, their interests, pain points and what is most important to them. Armed with this knowledge, sales can create a targeted approach that will be most effective for each lead. Instead of cold calls, they can start more meaningful conversations with a shorter path to a sale.


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