Does Your Website Follow These 6 Web Design Trends?

Website Design Trends

As web technology continues to evolve, so does B2B website design trends. Here are the up-and-coming trends of 2016 to help you keep your website fresh and engaging. How many of these web design trends does your website follow? 1. Material design continues to grow Similar to flat design, material designs are clean, modern and […]

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

High Web Traffic

Ask any marketer what they want the most from their website, and they will give you a one-word answer — leads. It’s rather simple, right? More leads equal more sales opportunities, which means a happy CEO, and that means a happy marketing department. But in order to get leads, you need traffic to your website. Any marketer worth their weight in […]

Why Your B2B Web Design Strategy Needs a Roadmap

Website Roadmap

Your website needs to inform and educate all of its visitors. It’s the hub of your company’s marketing activities and, ultimately, the catalyst for lead generation. To get the most from your site, you need to keep your web design strategy in line with business needs in an iterative, evolving manner. Creating a website roadmap […]

New edutainment options for B2B websites

Let’s face it. Your B2B website faces tons of competition for your customers’ attention. You used to just have to educate prospective buyers, but now you also have to entertain them so they don’t get bored and click away before you get your key points across. Text and professional quality photos are no longer enough. […]