5 B2B Social Media Myths that Could Be Affecting your Online Presence

b2b social media tips

Social media is a key component of an integrated digital marketing strategy. It’s a place where you can create your own space to engage with your target audience in a way that feels less like a sales pitch and more like a natural conversation. However, breaking through the platform’s different algorithms can be tricky, even […]

3 Ways PR and Social Media Work Together to Boost B2B Marketing

You’ve read many times on the Schubert b2b blog why it’s important to use an integrated strategy for your B2B marketing. That means tactics should be thought of as parts of a larger whole, all working seamlessly together to make your marketing program more effective and cost-efficient. With that advice in mind, here are 3 ways your […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers for B2B Social Media

Growing your B2B social media accounts can be tough. Breaking through the noise and getting your posts seen isn’t easy, and the increasing importance of social media is only turning up the pressure. Because of this, more and more companies are purchasing computer-generated bot followers to artificially grow their accounts. These bots make it seem like […]

Marketing Madness: The Elite 8 B2B Social Media Tips

The 2018 NCAA March Madness basketball tournament lived up to its name. With a total of 67 games played in a matter of weeks, ever-changing story lines and dramatic upsets — it was nothing short of madness! Much like the tournament, social media platforms are fast paced environments, where underdogs — often smaller companies — have […]

B2B Social Media Is More Than Just Scheduling

So, you’ve got your social media posts written, scheduled and ready for the next three weeks. Great, you’re off the hook until next month’s batch, right? Ehh..wrong! A B2B social media strategy that includes mass-produced posts may seem sufficient, but it is not taking full advantage of social media, and your audience can see right […]

B2B Social Media Trends We are Going to See in 2018

PR Trends

Social media has been around for some time now. Twitter launched 11 years ago, LinkedIn 14 years ago, Facebook 13 years ago — and you know what? They are still as relevant as ever. Companies across the globe continue to use social media as a vital part of their marketing strategy — creating content to […]

Boost Your Company’s Personality Through B2B Social Media

As social media becomes commonplace and platforms evolve, the question of whether B2B companies should expend the personnel, time and money on it still lingers. Like public relations, B2B social media positions your company as a knowledgeable presence, one that prospects will feel comfortable doing business with in a crowded field of competitors. Lisa GoetzLisa […]

Maximize Your B2B Social Media Strategy with Marketing Automation

B2B Social Media Strategy with Marketing Automation

Another three months have passed. It’s your favorite time of year. You have to compile your quarterly social media report. You have to become a statistician, dig for numbers and try to prove ROI. To make your life easier, consider tying your B2B social media strategy to an inbound program tracked with a marketing automation platform. […]

Use Hashtags to Supercharge Your B2B Social Media Strategy

Supercharge your hashtags

Surely anyone who has been on the internet recently has heard the word “hashtag.” Hashtags appear in commercials, on billboards and now even in the Oxford Dictionary! However, what they are and how they work are sometimes sources of confusion. What are hashtags, and why are they useful on social media? Officially known as the […]

How Social Listening Supports B2B Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

Social listening for B2B

In order to do social listening effectively, and to support a B2B marketing program, it must be addressing a specific problem or seeking specific information. There’s far too much noise on social media to “just listen” and hope for some insights. B2B marketers need to know exactly what they’re listening for. This can be achieved […]

Is Your B2B Social Media Strategy Off Balance?

Social Media Balance

The English language is full of idioms that reflect how important balance is in our lives. We strive for work-life balance, hope to balance our budgets and try to eat a well-balanced diet. In our government, we expect a balance of power. We don’t want to be caught off balance and are uncomfortable when things […]

B2B Social Media Best Practices for Trade Shows

When promoting a company’s trade show attendance, most B2B social media marketers know that it’s best practice to include the event’s Twitter handle and hashtag in a post to ensure it gets seen by the right people. But the messaging for each post depends on what the specific marketing goals are. Is it registration, booth visits, […]