How to Handle Negative (Genuine and Fake) Customer Reviews

B2B PR covers more than press releases and articles; it is about maintaining a favorable image for your company through your ongoing interactions with the media and public. That includes online reviews. Hopefully, most of your reviews are good, but since the invention of the internet, negative reviews come with the territory. And even in […]

3 Ways PR and Social Media Work Together to Boost B2B Marketing

You’ve read many times on the Schubert b2b blog why it’s important to use an integrated strategy for your B2B marketing. That means tactics should be thought of as parts of a larger whole, all working seamlessly together to make your marketing program more effective and cost-efficient. With that advice in mind, here are 3 ways your […]

4 Tips to Uncover Company News for Your B2B PR Program

Getting trade publications to publish or post your company’s news can be a challenge. You have to grab the interest of the gatekeeper — making sure the editor finds your item relevant to the magazine’s audience. But what if you don’t have any news to share at all? Even if your company doesn’t have a […]

Time for a B2B Public Relations Tune Up

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the midpoint of the year. For those of us working in B2B public relations, now is a good time to review the accomplishments of the past few months. (Otherwise known as the onerous task of gathering data and compiling those quarterly or half-year PR reports—but that’s […]

6 Benefits of Targeted B2B Press Releases

Some might say that press releases are as useful today as fax machines. Why send your news to an editor who acts as a gatekeeper in deciding whether or not to publish your information? Doesn’t it make more sense to control your content and spread the word through social media, your blog and email? While […]

4 B2B PR Tips for Building Better Media Relations

The term “public relations” encompasses many areas of communications. B2B PR, although more specific because it involves businesses promoting their products and services to other businesses, still covers a lot of communications territory. These can include strategic communications, content marketing, social media, trade show planning, internal messaging and email campaigns, to name a few. Of these, print and digital […]

3 Ways to Better Integrate B2B Public Relations Into Your Marketing

B2B public relations, or PR, is just what it sounds like — relating (connecting) to your public (or audience). It’s the process of securing publicity either for you or for your clients. PR bridges the gap between the customers, the media and you/your client. B2B public relations may seem like its own isolated or separate branch […]

Tips for Writing an Effective B2B Press Release

In public relations, B2B press releases are a vital part of your company’s outbound effort. Press releases can function as an inbound marketing tactic too! They’re a great way to attract attention and gain goodwill in your industry. And the internet has made it easier than ever to get your release in front of people. In just a […]

4 Tips for Getting the Most from a B2B Trade Show

A B2B trade show offers a valuable opportunity to meet your target customers and prospects face-to-face. Your audience is there, right before your eyes, seeking information about products and services geared toward their industry. To make the most of a trade show, you need a well-defined integrated marketing strategy that you will use before, during, and […]

B2B Messaging Taking Back Center Stage

b2b messages takes center stage

In the swirling activity of marketing automation, many marketers have pushed B2B messaging off the stage. But this is one of the biggest mistakes a marketer could make. While useful, automation software cannot replace marketing imagination. Messaging is critical to your B2B marketing and branding success It puts your brand into the mind of the market. David […]

7 Things to Include in Your B2B Messaging Platform

b2b messaging

Have you ever heard of “whisper down the lane”? It involves a group of people whispering a message from one person to another until the last player announces it to the entire group. As you can imagine, the messages the first and last person heard are usually quite different. Hilarity ensues – which is great for a […]

5 Advantages of Partnering With an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency

integrated digital marketing agency

You’ve thought about it, Googled it, brought it up at meetings, and you’re heading in the right direction. Yes, it’s time to partner with a B2B digital marketing agency that provides the expertise, strategy, tactics and technology to drive more customers to your B2B company. What is digital marketing? It’s a term that covers a […]