The Metrics That Matter Most for B2B Digital Marketing

It’s a great feeling when you first sign up for a marketing automation platform. Finally, you have access to the data you need to improve engagement and move the needle with your B2B digital marketing efforts. But then you log in. Suddenly, you’re flooded with statistics. Leads. Impressions. Views. Clicks. Opens. Bounces. After years of not having […]

Effective B2B Marketing Starts with Customer Personas

Whether you are starting a new B2B marketing program or have been actively executing one for some time, it’s important to clearly identify your customer personas. You might be thinking, “But we already know our customers. We’ve been selling to them for 30 years.” True, but markets, attitudes, perceptions, challenges, companies and people change. To […]

5 B2B Digital Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

In the early days of marketing, the only tools you needed were a pen, piece of paper and a strong cup of coffee. Fast forward to today and the average marketer now uses five different marketing and media tools to accomplish their goals. There are a lot of moving pieces that make up your B2B marketing strategy, from […]

Earned Versus Paid Content as Part of Your B2B Marketing Plan

When creating a B2B marketing plan, you need to determine the best integrated tactics to capture the attention of your buyers. Long-form content, like articles and white papers, written by your subject matter experts demonstrate knowledge of your target industries and the challenges that your products can help to solve. But the question arises, which […]

3 Ways to Get the Most from Your B2B Agency

Your company made the leap to partner with a B2B agency to lead your marketing efforts and to give your personnel more time to do what they do the best—research, develop, manufacture and provide the highest quality products in your industry. The right agency can provide expertise in devising an integrated strategy that grabs the […]

4 Skills to Look for in a B2B Marketing Tech Writer

Your B2B customers and potential buyers spend a lot of time looking for information online before reaching out to a sales rep. Providing solutions to your prospects’ challenges through pieces like videos, blog posts, eBooks, infographics and other content positions your company as a source of necessary information. At the core of this content are […]

Yes, the GDPR Will Impact Your B2B Digital Marketing

Last week, I received over 20 emails from companies asking if they could continue to send me email updates. And I’m willing to bet you had a similar experience.  There’s a reason why you’ve been getting so many emails about companies’ privacy policies or asking you to confirm your email subscription. It’s because the General […]

Stop Wasting Money on B2B Digital Marketing That Doesn’t Work

Think back to a time when you carefully mapped out a B2B digital marketing plan—a strategic plan you were sure would work. You checked all the boxes and spent days, weeks, MONTHS slaving over your marketing efforts…but when you launched it, the results were nowhere near what you expected. What happened? Where did it all go […]

Digital B2B Marketing Trends: 2017 vs. 2018

2017 The explosion of digital B2B marketing makes it hard for many companies to keep up. In 2017, trends called for B2B marketers to ramp up on the following: Marketing Automation – using an automated platform to nurture and score leads gaine from content offerings Content Marketing – marketing that involves the creation and sharing of relevant online […]

5 Basics to Boost Your B2B Marketing Plan

Spontaneity isn’t my thing. A spur-of-the-moment date with my husband? A surprise party? Let’s play it by ear and see what happens? Horrors. I need a plan. Sure, that makes me really boring socially. But for promoting your products and services, a B2B marketing plan is super exciting because it provides the roadmap for success. Without […]

Solving the Puzzle of B2B Integrated Digital Marketing

I have a confession to make. I love jigsaw puzzles. And I love seeing all the jagged pieces fit together to create a kitten playing with yarn, a barnyard full of animals or a castle on a hill. I think that’s why I enjoy integrated digital marketing so much. It’s another puzzle to piece together. All the […]

B2B Trade Show Marketing: Planning Ahead for Your First Show

If your company has tasked you with getting your business brand out in front of potential customers by exhibiting at b2b trade shows, your first thought is probably, “Where do I even begin?” and running for the hills! While it may seem like a daunting task…sort of looking down a straight highway to nowhere only […]