Email Marketing is Changing, Here’s Why no one is Clicking on your Emails

Email campaigns are critical to any effective marketing strategy because they keep you in touch with current or prospective customers throughout their buying journey. Recent statistics have shown that 4 billion people around the world use email, and that over 300 billion emails are sent every day! A successful email campaign will almost certainly improve […]

4 Tips for Creating Powerful Email Subject Lines

These days, almost everyone is drowning in emails. Take a look at anyone’s inbox and you’re bound to see an assortment of emails–from spam and discount codes to newsletters and messages from friends and colleagues. With all of these emails vying for your readers’ attention, how can you rise above the clutter? A compelling subject […]

Yes, the GDPR Will Impact Your B2B Digital Marketing

Last week, I received over 20 emails from companies asking if they could continue to send me email updates. And I’m willing to bet you had a similar experience.  There’s a reason why you’ve been getting so many emails about companies’ privacy policies or asking you to confirm your email subscription. It’s because the General […]

6 Tips to Improve Email Open Rates and Avoid the Spam Filter

Email subject lines aren’t important, right? They’re only one sentence long, and who reads them anyway? In fact, that one sentence is the most integral part of your emailer! Studies have shown that 33% of recipients open emails solely based on subject lines. This means that if your email subject line is lacking, chances are […]

Email Marketing Tips to Boost Performance

email marketing tips

With 91% of consumers checking their email daily, email campaigns continue to be an affordable and effective way to engage your customers and prospects. When done optimally, email marketing can extend your reach, deliver your message and drive more conversions. But with so many emails streaming into inboxes daily, how do you break through the […]

Tips to Measure Digital Marketing ROI

Digital Marketing ROI

Digital marketing attracts visitors to your B2B website through customer-centric content that’s SEO optimized. This inbound marketing approach not only helps prospects find you, but it also allows you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. As this article notes, only two things ultimately account for positive ROI: bringing more visitors to your site and […]

Content Marketing Starts With Audit of In-House Pieces

Content Strategy

Content is a key B2B marketing driver. When done well, content educates, tells your story, grabs the attention of your target audience and moves them to take action. If your company is working to develop a successful content marketing strategy, a great way to start is by performing a content audit of pieces you already […]

How to Use Email Marketing to Get Leads

Email Marketing Leads

If you think that email is no longer an effective way to get leads, it’s actually better than you think. Think about it… Email connects 85% of the world. This translates to 6.29 billion people. Of the 85% of the email account holders, 66% check their email on a mobile device. Do the math. That’s […]

Love Your List: 4 Creative Ways to Build Direct Marketing Lists for B2B Campaigns

Most B2B marketers are drawn to practices that are simple and proven to work. In a deadline-driven, fast-paced world, marketers need to rely on proven techniques to avoid paths that might cause them to stumble. This is especially true when it comes to building direct marketing lists, whether it is for a calling campaign, direct […]