3 Ways to Supercharge Your B2B Outbound Marketing

B2B outbound marketing is the proactive part of your marketing. The key word is ACTION. Unlike reactive marketing tactics, with outbound, you drive the action. In modern marketing, there’s a notion that outbound marketing is a dated or oversaturated technique. As a result, many people believe it doesn’t work. However, the opposite is true. Outbound […]

Is Print Advertising Dead?

Is print advertising dead

Is print advertising dead? Hardly. First, we had the internet revolution, then the inbound revolution. Each of them was screaming that print B2B advertising was dead and buried. Yet, when I walk into our media room here at the agency, I encounter a wall of monthly trade publications. There are thousands of skilled editors carefully […]

Advertising in B2B

B2B advertising is a unique marketing animal. But how unique? Unique to the point where likely no one in your company has ever been specifically trained in B2B advertising. Small Numbers You don’t market to millions of B2B companies. Your customers are not counted in billions or millions. In fact, many B2B companies often receive […]

3 Reasons to Consider a Full-Service B2B Marketing Agency

b2b agency

Never before have B2B marketers had so many choices when it comes to marketing. Digital marketing tactics have made it possible to do many things in-house — such as social media, press releases and more. For marketers looking to improve singular tactics, there is a slew of specialty agencies like website agencies, inbound agencies, social media […]

Pull it Together –– How a B2B Agency Can Help Improve Marketing ROI

Improve Marketing ROI

Disclosure: I work at a marketing agency. So it may sound a little self-serving to write a blog post on the benefits of a B2B agency. But please don’t click away just yet! Let me try to lure you into reading more with those three magic words: return on investment. I’m sure you’ve already heard […]

Is B2B Advertising Dead? Nope, Not Even Close.

Is advertising dead

B2B advertising isn’t dead; it’s evolved. Advertising has always been part of the bigger picture — your marketing strategy. Even in our internet-centered world, B2B advertising is still alive and well. Its effectiveness depends on how well you can utilize your ad messaging across all available channels (traditional print or online) to reach your desired audience. […]

Don’t Dig the Grave Just Yet…3 Tips to Resurrect your B2B Advertising

5 Myths About B2B Websites That are Stuck in the Past

As things change in the marketing world, a sort of marketing Darwinism happens. Some companies see the change, adapt, evolve and therefore become the new leader. Others hold fast to what they have, and usually, by the time they want to make a change, it’s too late. Contemporary advertisers must face off against ad-blockers, the […]

3 Things You Might Not Know About Search Retargeting

Thanks to companies like Zappos, most B2B companies are familiar with the concept of site retargeting. You visit a website to check out products or services. Then, you see banner ads for those same products or services when browsing the Internet. This advertising service keeps your brand top of mind after prospective buyers leave your […]

Revisit the basics: Time-tested tips for B2B marketing

Recently, I read “Scientific Advertising,” by industry pioneer Claude C. Hopkins, originally published in 1923. Although you aren’t trying to peddle syrup of figs or shaving soap to your business clients, these timeless pointers from Hopkins are quite relevant in B2B marketing today. “Learn what possible buyers want and the factors which don’t appeal.” This […]