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A successful integrated digital B2B program is blend of “push” and “pull” marketing activities.

Inbound tactics, SEO and earned media provide the pull – bringing prospects to you. Paid media provides the push – sending your message out to target the buyers you want.

Connect with buyers wherever they go online

Using advanced analytics and complex algorithms, we can predict where your buyers go online and promote your ads directly to them. Our programmatic ad network continually seeks out the best available online ad space at the lowest cost and places your ads automatically. It’s an incredibly efficient and cost-effective way to get the right ads in front of the right buyers at just the right time.

Improve your rankings with pay-per-click

Natural search results are the ultimate prize, but sometimes it pays to help things along. With pay-per-click campaigns – like Google Adwords – you can bolster your natural SEO results to capture more targeted traffic. We can help you create, manage, and track your account to get the most from the investment.

Add just the right amount of print to the mix

Display ads are still an important part of an integrated marketing mix. We’ll help you connect your offline adds to your online landing page networks and tracking software and so that you can capture leads and measure ROI.

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