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Marketing CampaignsMarketing Campaigns

If we have a favorite part of our job here at Schubert b2b, this is it
…developing strategic B2B marketing campaigns.

Campaign strategy is where all the research and experience from so many other accounts comes to bear. The gray matter gets a workout that rivals LA Fitness. This is where  we're in the hunt to create exciting new marketing possibilities that help clients be the marketplace winner.

No B2B company markets in a vacuum. Competitors are working just as hard to influence buyers and steal customers away.

The Strategic Plan

Great campaigns just don’t happen, they result from creative marketing imagination driven by a strategic plan. You know all of your competitors want to be the best. Well, when you are the best – by plan - that’s fun. Just as in football, a great advertising plan starts with great defense. What you want to say is only half the battle. Saying it in a planned way that outperforms the other competitors takes you to a new level.

Winning marketing campaigns take everything in the big picture before plowing ahead. Your strengths, your competitors’ strengths, market needs and your brand's ability to satisfy those needs better than anyone else. Get it right, and there’s a lot of bacon sizzling in the pan.

Creative Imagination

It’s important to remember that marketing campaign success goes way beyond gathering the analytical facts. After all the analytical data is known, the creative marketing imagination begins. At Schubert b2b we call it discovering The Big Idea. It’s finding that imaginatively compelling "something" that no one else has thought of before. A eureka moment – the key that opens the golden marketing door. Let the celebration begin.

Looking to Build Successful Marketing Campaigns?

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