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Every great brand needs a look – an identity – that says, “This is me. This is what I stand for.” It’s the common thread that connects every touch point you have with prospects and customers.

The power of a consistent look & feel

Delivering a clear, memorable identity is one of the best tactics you can use to communicate your company’s brand to the market.

Building and maintaining a strong B2B brand identity requires a consistent application of a visual identity system. We’ll help you develop this visual system that includes specific color choices, font choices, and templates that can be used by all the groups within your company to coordinate marketing communications pieces.

Every company needs a brand identity

For a B2B start-up, the visual identity system may be little more than a company logo, letterhead, and business cards. For major corporations it encompasses a detailed identity manual that spells out the specific guidelines that dictate basic standards, corporate standards and marketing communications standards. We’ll help you define how your brand identity can be used on signage, trucks, packaging, trade show booths, website, advertising, social media…you name it.

Your identity is personal to your company values and mission. It stands for what your brand promises to change the world. Your brand identity is your ambassador. Your B2B branding represents you dynamically, dramatically and consistently, across town or around the world.

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