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Advertising is proactive. It competitively attracts the attention of B2B buyers seeking better solutions from vendors who care about them.

Quality advertising tells a story. It’s dramatic. It’s strategic. It triggers the imagination. It creates preference for your brand. We know. Schubert B2B has won awards from the Business Marketing Association in every category.

In B2B markets, we are proud that the advertising we create for our clients takes top prize for attracting the most eyeballs and creating the most buying action. Our secret? Appeal to both the mind and the heart. Feelings matter even in B2B.

Consider this. The cost of media is the same for great advertising or the worst. Yet most B2B advertising is dull. Why? It need not be that way. Yours can sparkle.

Delight your visitors by delivering the content they want

Today a lot of B2B advertising remains as dull as ever. Sadly true. Dull advertising produces dull results. But it doesn't have to be that way. When you pay to play, play to win. Be competitive, be aggressive. Demand great results.

Quality, attention-grabbing advertising is always a hit in any medium. Your story can create a stir anywhere…on the internet, in videos, at trade shows, in print and dozens of other places.

Trade Show Support

B2B trade show participation demands great advertising. B2B marketers spend a lot of advertising dollars to occupy a few square feet of turf at the show. When you add on the cost of staffing the booth with an eager sales and marketing team, the total investment gets to be some serious money. A creative, high-impact advertising strategy goes a long way to draw buyers to your booth and make it all worthwhile.

Think Internet Advertising

Keyword advertising opportunities head the list for leveraging internet marketing. It starts with buyer personas. Knowing what buyers want sets the stage for your paid media advertising to be there when buyers are actively on the hunt. Online, paid media advertising actively complements earned media when buyers search the web.

Launch New Products

Advertising new products demands attention. Sure it’s competitive. Your brand’s new products were created to have a competitive advantage. When your brand’s got it, FLAUNT IT… in great new product advertising.

Advertise Your Brand

Your B2B brand is unlike any other. Brand advertising tells the tale. Your brand has a personality all its own that reflects your vision, integrity of your values and your commitment to your customers. Marketers of preferred brands enjoy a clear advantage. They get more selling opportunities and close more orders without cutting cost. The difference is huge. Our B2B advertising goal is to help you be the preferred brand.

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