B2B Public Relations

Public relations plays a very important and specific role in your B2B integrated marketing program. The stories that we get published for you add an important level of third-party credibility to your message. When your products and capabilities are highlighted in key industry publications – both in print and online – that builds trust in your brand.
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A Targeted Approach to Get You Publicity with the Most Impact

Rather than blast out press releases to a large number of generalized publications and news sites, we conduct research to identify the best media fit for each of your markets, resulting in quality PR placements. We build relationships with editors at key publications so that when they receive submissions from Schubert b2b on your behalf, they know the news will have value for their publication and their audience.

Public Relations Services for B2B

The Schubert b2b PR team also takes the time to research editorial calendars for every key publication in your target industries. We look for specific issues that will feature content pertinent to your products and capabilities. Then, we contact the editors with a tailored news story for each issue. We also create a connection between the editors and the subject matter experts on your team – so they come to you when they need opinions from industry insiders. Our model for success is to 
make it easier for the editors by giving them the content they need. The result is more placements for you.

B2B Public Relation Services Include:

PR Planning & Roadmap

Prepare a campaign plan that outlines the messaging strategy, the recommended tactics and a detailed timeline time line.

Media Relations

Maintain ongoing relationships with editors and publishers at the key publications for your markets to help ensure more publicity.

Ongoing Editorial Contact & Distribution

Create and distribute PR content to targeted trade publications to generate article placements and press release pick-ups.

Management & Results Reporting

Provide regular updates and written reports of the results of the ongoing PR campaign – including placements and pick-ups.

Organic Social is No Longer Enough

We’ve created this eBook, Organic Social is No Longer Enough: Why B2B Marketers need Paid Social, to help you navigate through a changing social media landscape.
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