B2B Branding & Positioning

We help you define the true value of your brand. How are you different from other solutions? Why do customers buy from you? How are you uniquely capable of solving their problems? By developing a compelling claim of distinction – and delivering evidence that makes it credible – we translate your brand into a communications strategy that will influence buyer choice in your favor.

b2b brand positioning agency

Strategic b2b branding and b2b positioning
amplifies the success of your marketing

Over the course of more than 40 years and thousands of B2B marketing campaigns, we have developed a proven process. We analyze your market, define key personas, leverage the experience of the subject matter experts at your company and create an effective market positioning strategy for your brand. This strategy will pave the way to expand business with new and current customers and increase your value proposition to both employees and partners. Proper positioning ensures that you’re targeting the right audiences who will be most receptive to your message. And it helps you focus on the market segments where you have the best chance to pull ahead. So you get noticed, capture mindshare, and win more sales.

B2B Brand Positioning Strategy

We also take a deep dive into your competitors’ marketing messaging. Our team will explore the positioning strategy they follow, the language they use, the marketing tactics and channels they employ and even the images, colors and tone that defines their visual brand. We stay well versed in their messaging so that we can create a positioning strategy that effectively differentiates you in as many ways as possible.


We worked with BYNDL to deliver a brand position that would help them launch a new tech product into a crowded vending market.

H.M. Royal

A new brand identity helped H.M. Royal leverage it's reputation as a leading provider of raw materials and specialty chemicals.


Our brand strategists help Sensaphone go head-to-head with several dominant competitors across many key markets.

Branding & Positioning Services Include:

Discovery Workshop

To kick things off, we’ll conduct brand workshop sessions with your team. We’ll ask the strategic questions to get the input we need.

Market Research

Qualitative and quantitative research to your key markets will help us fully understand of the needs and wants of your personas.

Competitive Analysis

We continue our research to include an analysis of the competitors’ messaging to uncover the best market position for you.

Messaging Development

We will define the new positioning strategy, the messaging strategy and the USP in a document we call the Messaging Platform Document.

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