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By Lisa Goetz | 18 April 2017

7 Things to Include in Your B2B Messaging Platform

Have you ever heard of “whisper down the lane”? It involves a group of people whispering a message from one person to another until the last player announces it to the entire group. As you can imagine, the messages the first and last person heard are usually quite different. Hilarity ensues – which is great for a…

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By Lisa Goetz | 22 March 2017

5 Advantages of Partnering With an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency

You’ve thought about it, Googled it, brought it up at meetings, and you’re heading in the right direction. Yes, it’s time to partner with a B2B digital marketing agency that provides the expertise, strategy, tactics and technology to drive more customers to your B2B company. What is digital marketing? It’s a term that covers a…

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By Austin Berner | 10 March 2017

B2B Messaging: Does Your Content Need to Be Innovative?

We’ve all had it. The desire to make something, but when it comes down to creating it, it’s like there’s a concrete wall standing in the way. An idea, but perhaps not the words to say it. Maybe even not an idea at all. It’s the scourge of modern marketers—whether you’re a digital marketing agency in…

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By Mitch Mathern | 27 February 2017

B2B Digital Marketing Data — Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It.

B2B marketing data, let’s talk about it. It’s a real buzzword anymore, especially for every B2B digital marketing agency in Philadelphia. Marketing automation software has made data collection easier than ever. All the quantitative research you could ever want is at your fingertips, and this is great because marketers live in a data-driven world. It…

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By Austin Berner | 14 February 2017

3 Reasons to Consider a Full-Service B2B Marketing Agency

Never before have B2B marketers had so many choices when it comes to marketing. Digital marketing tactics have made it possible to do many things in-house — such as social media, press releases and more. For marketers looking to improve singular tactics, there is a slew of specialty agencies like website agencies, inbound agencies, social media…

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By Mitch Mathern | 10 February 2017

5 Things Your B2B Marketing Agency Needs to be Doing

Marketing is always changing, with new tactics and tools launching the latest trends. As a digital marketing agency in the hub of Philadelphia, we see it constantly. To keep your marketing efforts current and your brand at the top of your industry, here’s a list of 5 things your B2B agency needs to be doing….

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By Chris Henneghan | 7 February 2017

Don’t Forget to Include Webinars in Your B2B Marketing Strategies

If you’re like most B2B companies, you already create educational content for your customers and prospects and offer that content online. That’s the best way to attract the attention of potential buyers and speak to their pain points. And when you offer that kind of content, you increase your web traffic and position your company…

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By Lisa Goetz | 30 January 2017

Pull it Together –– How a B2B Agency Can Help Improve Marketing ROI

Disclosure: I work at a marketing agency. So it may sound a little self-serving to write a blog post on the benefits of a B2B agency. But please don’t click away just yet! Let me try to lure you into reading more with those three magic words: return on investment. I’m sure you’ve already heard…

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By Austin Berner | 20 January 2017

Digital Marketing Strategies: From Gestalts to Full Integration

Are you familiar with the term, “Gestalt”? It’s a German word meaning shape, form, or design. In English, the term Gestalt refers to a certain phenomenon where the brain perceives an organized whole as more than the sum of its parts. An example of a Gestalt in art is where the brain perceives negative white…

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By Kate Smith | 9 January 2017

3 Easy Ways to Start Generating More Leads

No matter what industry you’re in, every B2B company is always looking to generate more leads and bring in more sales. According to BrightTALK, 80% of marketers report their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective! So what can be done to improve this? Here are 3 easy steps you can use to…

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By Austin Berner | 6 December 2016

What is PR and What Does it Mean for B2B Marketers?

As someone who studied PR in college, I received a fair amount of confused comments regarding my major. “Oh yeah, sure, PR…what’s PR again?” or “You’re an HR major, right?” and the dreaded “So, what do you want to do with that?” There’s a good amount of confusion surrounding PR, what it does, and why…

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By Christopher Raymond | 14 November 2016

5 B2B eCommerce Must-Haves

If your B2B company is still on the fence about selling online, consider this: B2B buyers are now more frequently buying online than over the phone and through other offline channels. In fact, B2B eCommerce is on course to hit $12 trillion in sales by 2020, according to a Frost & Sullivan report. Retail eCommerce giant Amazon.com has demonstrated how safe, easy and fun…

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