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By Joseph Schubert | 7 July 2017

Tips for Writing an Effective B2B Press Release

In public relations, B2B press releases are a vital part of your company’s outbound effort. Press releases can function as an inbound marketing tactic too! They’re a great way to attract attention and gain goodwill in your industry. And the internet has made it easier than ever to get your release in front of people. In just a…

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By Joseph Schubert | 30 June 2017

3 Ways to Supercharge Your B2B Outbound Marketing

B2B outbound marketing is the proactive part of your marketing. The key word is ACTION. Unlike reactive marketing tactics, with outbound, you drive the action. In modern marketing, there’s a notion that outbound marketing is a dated or oversaturated technique. As a result, many people believe it doesn’t work. However, the opposite is true. Outbound…

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By Joseph Schubert | 22 June 2017

Philadelphia’s B2B Tech Marketing Agency

People always ask us, “How did Schubert b2b get into marketing technology?” The answer is simple: we didn’t get into it. B2B tech marketing is who we are and what we were founded on 39 years ago. We were born out of technology. It was a natural progression from computers to communications work for companies…

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By Joseph Schubert | 15 June 2017

Is Print Advertising Dead?

Is print advertising dead? Hardly. First, we had the internet revolution, then the inbound revolution. Each of them was screaming that print B2B advertising was dead and buried. Yet, when I walk into our media room here at the agency, I encounter a wall of monthly trade publications. There are thousands of skilled editors carefully…

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By Lisa Goetz | 9 June 2017

4 Tips for Getting the Most from a B2B Trade Show

A B2B trade show offers a valuable opportunity to meet your target customers and prospects face-to-face. Your audience is there, right before your eyes, seeking information about products and services geared toward their industry. To make the most of a trade show, you need a well-defined integrated marketing strategy that you will use before, during, and…

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By Joseph Schubert |

Advertising in B2B

B2B advertising is a unique marketing animal. But how unique? Unique to the point where likely no one in your company has ever been specifically trained in B2B advertising. Small Numbers You don’t market to millions of B2B companies. Your customers are not counted in billions or millions. In fact, many B2B companies often receive…

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By Austin Berner | 1 June 2017

Why Should a B2B Marketing Agency Move to Account-Based Marketing?

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this term before. Maybe you’re grabbing your marketing dictionary (I’ll save you the trouble, don’t worry!). What is account-based marketing (ABM)? What does it replace? Does it replace anything at all? Can a B2B marketing agency use it? As people change, so too must marketing. Marketing, the process of selling a…

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By Joseph Schubert | 24 May 2017

B2B Marketing Strategic Intelligence: Tips for Agency Clients

How often have you expected your B2B marketing agency to develop a powerful marcom strategy? Were you wowed when they presented “The Big Idea”? Most times this leads to disappointment for marketers. Sometimes, it’s the agency’s fault, but not always. Here are some tips to improve your B2B tech marketing strategy’s batting average. Go outside of…

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By Austin Berner | 18 May 2017

Have We Reached Post-Modern Marketing?

Art, music, architecture — they’ve all gone through a few different phases or eras. Speaking from a musical perspective, there are about six recognized artistic eras: early, medieval, baroque, classical, romantic, modern…and even a semi-recognized post-modern era. What is Post-Modern? “Post-modern” is, in and of itself, an oxymoron. How can we have something that is…

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By Mitch Mathern | 3 May 2017

B2B Marketing: The Age of Feeling

B2B has always been considered a rational industry. In B2C, a consumer can impulsively buy a new brand of cookies, and if they don’t like them, they just throw the box out and get a different one. B2B is the complete opposite. Jobs are at risk, and companies are affected when purchasing decisions go wrong….

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By Lisa Goetz |

Bolster Your Workflows with Educational B2B Messaging

Inbound marketing workflows are a great way to nurture prospects. To make them even more powerful, make sure your supporting content carries consistent B2B messaging. More specifically, your messaging must address your prospects’ challenges and position your company as an industry leader. Marketing automation workflows should persuade a website visitor to convert into a registered…

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By Joseph Schubert | 20 April 2017

B2B Messaging Taking Back Center Stage

In the swirling activity of marketing automation, many marketers have pushed B2B messaging off the stage. But this is one of the biggest mistakes a marketer could make. While useful, automation software cannot replace marketing imagination. Messaging is critical to your B2B marketing and branding success It puts your brand into the mind of the market. David…

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