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By Schubert b2b | 15 October 2017

Schubert b2b Markets Technology Symposium for AGC Chemicals Americas

Schubert b2b worked with AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. to create North and South America’s first chlor-alkali technology symposium, an educational and networking event for chlorine production leaders. The Chlor-Alkali Technology Symposium was held last October at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. More than 80 industry professionals attended the two-day event’s technology presentations and social events….

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By Joseph Schubert | 12 October 2017

How Important are B2B Trade Shows?

That’s a great question considering B2B trade show participation requires such a large investment. In some industries, a trade show can consume up to half of your marketing communications budget. The production, manpower, travel, and show fees can add up. However, the possible customer nurturing, brand building, and sales prospecting can make it all worthwhile — if…

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By Lisa Goetz | 6 October 2017

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of B2B Blogs

A B2B blog can be a great way to attract customers in your market searching for solutions to the challenges that keep them from operating at top efficiency. But if your company is producing blogs, and you feel like they are being ignored in the vast pool of cyberspace, then it’s time to organize your…

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By Schubert b2b | 20 September 2017

Schubert b2b Hires New Digital Content Specialist

Schubert b2b, a top-tier B2B tech marketing agency, is proud to welcome Courtney Feairheller as the agency’s newest Digital Content Specialist. In this role, Courtney will be responsible for overseeing digital and inbound marketing campaigns, driving new growth and providing strategic direction for Schubert’s B2B technology clients. Courtney brings to Schubert b2b proven expertise in…

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By Joseph Schubert | 14 September 2017

The Waves of Digital Marketing

Our agency has been living in a B2B world for a long time. We recognize that integrated digital marketing is one of the biggest B2B advances in the last 40 years. And here’s the thing. The addition of “digital” puts B2B integrated marketing on steroids. You can reach anybody, anywhere, in a matter of seconds, at…

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By Debbie MacKenzie | 6 September 2017

How to Use Funny B2B Content to Set You Apart From the Competition

I came across an article about funny company posts and spotted this Facebook post by Intel. Check out the picture below. How did you react? Did it grab your attention? You most likely chuckled, right? Heck, I laughed and thought it was pretty darned brilliant! Now you won’t forget this image and that Intel was the one that posted…

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By Schubert b2b | 5 September 2017

Schubert b2b Receives Outstanding Achievement Award for Web Development

Schubert b2b, a top-tier tech marketing agency, recently received the 2017 Web Award for Outstanding Achievement in B2B Web Development by the Web Marketing Association (WMA). The award recognized a new website for Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums (www.Nilfiskcfm.com), the leading global provider of industrial and explosion-proof vacuum cleaning equipment and accessories. Since 1997, the WMA has…

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By Lisa Goetz | 28 August 2017

Boost Your Company’s Personality Through B2B Social Media

As social media becomes commonplace and platforms evolve, the question of whether B2B companies should expend the personnel, time and money on it still lingers. Like public relations, B2B social media positions your company as a knowledgeable presence, one that prospects will feel comfortable doing business with in a crowded field of competitors.

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By Joseph Schubert | 25 August 2017

The Role of B2B Outbound Marketing

B2B Outbound Marketing is No Longer Effective…  If you’ve been listening to some of the marketing automation software vendors, you might draw that conclusion. The hype is, “Out with the old: OUTBOUND”, and “In with the new: INBOUND”. There’s only one problem; that’s not the B2B reality today.   If you were to listen to…

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By Austin Berner | 16 August 2017

3 Ways to Better Integrate B2B Public Relations Into Your Marketing

B2B public relations, or PR, is just what it sounds like — relating (connecting) to your public (or audience). It’s the process of securing publicity either for you or for your clients. PR bridges the gap between the customers, the media and you/your client. B2B public relations may seem like its own isolated or separate branch…

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By Joseph Schubert | 8 August 2017

Where’s Your B2B Tech Marketing Headed?

Let’s imagine that your company is a ship, you are the captain and your marketing is your compass. Where do you want to go? And where exactly is your marketing taking you? Are they the same place? That’s important, and that’s our goal as captain, to lead our company (or ship) to its destination. Unfortunately, it’s not always…

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By Austin Berner | 3 August 2017

Why Companies Are Turning Back To B2B Messaging

In the last 10 years, marketing has been an ongoing struggle to keep up with the Joneses. Something like this: CEO: “Margaret! I just heard that [Competitor’s Name] just got a ‘Tweeter’! What are we doing? Why don’t we have one?” Margaret: “Yes sir, we’ll get a Twee…erm…Twitter right away!” And on and on it…

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