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By Lisa Goetz | 31 January 2018

5 Basics to Boost Your B2B Marketing Plan

Spontaneity isn’t my thing. A spur-of-the-moment date with my husband? A surprise party? Let’s play it by ear and see what happens? Horrors. I need a plan. Sure, that makes me really boring socially. But for promoting your products and services, a B2B marketing plan is super exciting because it provides the roadmap for success. Without…

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By Courtney Gursky | 22 January 2018

Solving the Puzzle of B2B Integrated Digital Marketing

I have a confession to make. I love jigsaw puzzles. And I love seeing all the jagged pieces fit together to create a kitten playing with yarn, a barnyard full of animals or a castle on a hill. I think that’s why I enjoy integrated digital marketing so much. It’s another puzzle to piece together. All the…

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By Mitch Mathern | 2 January 2018

B2B Social Media Trends We are Going to See in 2018

Social media has been around for some time now. Twitter launched 11 years ago, LinkedIn 14 years ago, Facebook 13 years ago — and you know what? They are still as relevant as ever. Companies across the globe continue to use social media as a vital part of their marketing strategy — creating content to…

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By Debbie MacKenzie | 15 December 2017

B2B Trade Show Marketing: Planning Ahead for Your First Show

If your company has tasked you with getting your business brand out in front of potential customers by exhibiting at b2b trade shows, your first thought is probably, “Where do I even begin?” and running for the hills! While it may seem like a daunting task…sort of looking down a straight highway to nowhere only…

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By Courtney Gursky | 8 December 2017

Why You Need to Focus on B2B Animation in 2018

There’s no doubt that the majority of consumers prefer video to written content. The numbers speak for themselves: 65% of people are visual learners 90% of customers report that watching a product video helps them make a purchasing decision 1/3 of online activity is spent watching videos Video is a crucial tool for any business looking to…

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By Courtney Gursky | 30 November 2017

It’s Time to Debunk These 4 B2B Trade Show Myths

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm. Now more than ever, B2C marketers are focusing on email, social media, blogging and any marketing that falls within the digital realm. And it’s no different with B2B marketing. With digital marketing on the rise, many people believe that B2B trade shows will soon go the way of the…

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By Lisa Goetz | 20 November 2017

4 B2B PR Tips for Building Better Media Relations

The term “public relations” encompasses many areas of communications. B2B PR, although more specific because it involves businesses promoting their products and services to other businesses, still covers a lot of communications territory. These can include strategic communications, content marketing, social media, trade show planning, internal messaging and email campaigns, to name a few. Of these, print and digital…

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By Joseph Schubert | 14 November 2017

The Role of B2B Technology Marketing

We like technology marketing because that is where the action is. B2B technology marketing gets the juices flowing. If you market tech products or sell in tech markets, you know what I mean. No matter what technology you’re involved with, you spend your life on the cutting edge of human existence — who we are,…

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By Mitch Mathern | 31 October 2017

Improve B2B Social Media With User-Generated Content

B2B social media can open new doors for companies. Whether it’s engaging with potential customers or a tool to expand your brand identity, it needs to be leveraged correctly. Unfortunately, many companies only use social media to check a box. A classic, “Because other brands have a social media presence, we should too.” But in…

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By Courtney Gursky | 23 October 2017

3 Examples of B2B Video Marketing Done Right

There’s no denying the benefits of video marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Video gives your company a competitive edge, boosts brand awareness and helps you build meaningful relationships with prospects and customers. Yet, for B2B marketers, video can be a new and uncharted territory. Yes, it’s true that B2B video marketing can be tricky,…

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By Joseph Schubert | 12 October 2017

How Important are B2B Trade Shows?

That’s a great question considering B2B trade show participation requires such a large investment. In some industries, a trade show can consume up to half of your marketing communications budget. The production, manpower, travel, and show fees can add up. However, the possible customer nurturing, brand building, and sales prospecting can make it all worthwhile — if…

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By Lisa Goetz | 6 October 2017

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of B2B Blogs

A B2B blog can be a great way to attract customers in your market searching for solutions to the challenges that keep them from operating at top efficiency. But if your company is producing blogs, and you feel like they are being ignored in the vast pool of cyberspace, then it’s time to organize your…

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