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By Courtney Gursky | 11 December 2018

4 Tips for Creating Powerful Email Subject Lines

These days, almost everyone is drowning in emails. Take a look at anyone’s inbox and you’re bound to see an assortment of emails–from spam and discount codes to newsletters and messages from friends and colleagues. With all of these emails vying for your readers’ attention, how can you rise above the clutter? A compelling subject…

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By Mitch Mathern | 21 November 2018

Growth Hacking: Defined, B2B Strategies and Real Examples

What is growth hacking? You may have heard the term “growth hacking” before as it has been in the mix of marketing lingo for a few years now, but it is essentially a fancy term for strategies focused solely on exponential growth. It’s a marketing approach with the goal of acquiring as many users or…

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By Courtney Gursky | 14 November 2018

5 B2B Digital Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

In the early days of marketing, the only tools you needed were a pen, piece of paper and a strong cup of coffee. Fast forward to today and the average marketer now uses five different marketing and media tools to accomplish their goals. There are a lot of moving pieces that make up your B2B marketing strategy, from…

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By Lisa Goetz | 6 November 2018

Earned Versus Paid Content as Part of Your B2B Marketing Plan

When creating a B2B marketing plan, you need to determine the best integrated tactics to capture the attention of your buyers. Long-form content, like articles and white papers, written by your subject matter experts demonstrate knowledge of your target industries and the challenges that your products can help to solve. But the question arises, which…

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By Lisa Goetz | 9 October 2018

3 Ways to Get the Most from Your B2B Agency

Your company made the leap to partner with a B2B agency to lead your marketing efforts and to give your personnel more time to do what they do the best—research, develop, manufacture and provide the highest quality products in your industry. The right agency can provide expertise in devising an integrated strategy that grabs the…

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By Courtney Gursky | 2 October 2018

Why You Should Cut the B2B Technical Jargon

Muggle. Quaffle. Bludger. Snitch. Pensieve. What would happen if I sent an email containing all of these terms to someone who isn’t a Harry Potter fan? If they’ve never read the books or watched the movies, they wouldn’t have the faintest idea what these words mean. To them, these phrases might as well be in…

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By Mitch Mathern | 12 September 2018

3 Key Benefits of Quality B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t just a buzzword anymore; it’s a staple of B2B marketing. However, if you are not familiar with this marketing strategy, here is the definition from the Content Marketing Institute: “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined…

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By Lisa Goetz | 6 September 2018

4 Skills to Look for in a B2B Marketing Tech Writer

Your B2B customers and potential buyers spend a lot of time looking for information online before reaching out to a sales rep. Providing solutions to your prospects’ challenges through pieces like videos, blog posts, eBooks, infographics and other content positions your company as a source of necessary information. At the core of this content are…

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By Courtney Gursky | 20 August 2018

How to Generate More Leads from Your B2B Blog

If you’re like many hard-working B2B content marketers, you understand the importance of blogging. It helps you increase brand awareness and gain the trust of your target audience. But you may not be sure how to convert your blog traffic into leads. Every blogger needs a sustainable marketing strategy for turning blog visitors into valuable…

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By Lisa Goetz | 20 July 2018

4 Tips to Uncover Company News for Your B2B PR Program

Getting trade publications to publish or post your company’s news can be a challenge. You have to grab the interest of the gatekeeper — making sure the editor finds your item relevant to the magazine’s audience. But what if you don’t have any news to share at all? Even if your company doesn’t have a…

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By Mitch Mathern | 11 July 2018

Two Ways to Keep Your B2B Content Marketing From Becoming Gobbledygook

Marketing high-tech products and services can be tricky. The complex details that make your offering special may not easily translate into marketing materials. And if you leave this tall task in the wrong hands, your content marketing can unfortunately turn into incoherent, useless gobbledygook.  Effective B2B content marketing turns your high-tech information into easily consumable, compelling…

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By Courtney Gursky | 5 July 2018

To Gate or Not to Gate Content? You’re Asking the Wrong Question

“Should I gate my content?” Many content marketers wrestle with this question. It’s the question they ask when offering any content on their website, from an eBook or white paper to a video or webinar.  The benefits of gating content are clear—you gain valuable contact information you can use to improve your B2B content marketing strategy. But…

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