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By Scott Clark | 10 June 2014

3 tips for generating audience-focused content

Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious. If I said, “write your content for your readers” you’d say something like, “Duh! Stating the obvious! Of course you write for your audience.” Unfortunately, many companies miss this most fundamental concept to content generation. Let me give you a real life example. (NOTE: names have been changed to…

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By Schubert b2b | 3 June 2014

How to keep your blog regular

Just because Schubert is a marketing communications agency doesn’t mean that it’s any easier for us to stay on top of our agency’s blog. The fact is, it’s always easier to ride herd on clients than it is to police ourselves when it comes to posting. I think it’s one of those “shoemaker’s children have…

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By Schubert b2b | 16 May 2014

Are you guilty of language abuse?

Poor communication impacts marketing and sales. It slows down business processes and it can cause potential customers to bounce from your website, drop your brochure in the trash, or simply lose interest in doing business with you. Poor language use can make your brand look bad. So here it is: my latest list of redundant,…

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By Chris Henneghan | 21 April 2014

Need ideas? Top resources for B2B content marketers

“You can’t bore people into buying products. You must interest them.” Marketing guru David Ogilvy is certainly onto something. Modern-day content marketers are faced with endless opportunities to communicate and tell a brand’s story. Be it online, in print or through social media, B2Bs need to find the topics that interest their audience – and potential customers….

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By Scott Clark | 14 March 2014

Boosting B2B trade show ROI with powerful PR and social media

Next month, the American Coatings Show and the ASC Spring Convention and Expo will draw thousands of key players in the global adhesives, sealants, and coatings industries to Atlanta and Orlando, respectively. Ideas will be exchanged, relationships will be forged, and new customers will be identified. Even in this digital age, you can’t beat face-to-face connections with…

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By Schubert b2b | 11 February 2014

Tweeting responsibly

You, as a communications professional, are tasked with giving the right voice at the right time to your brand using the right channels. But with so many outlets in today’s media landscape, the potential for a communication mishap is alive and well – especially in social media. Take the recent KitchenAid Twitter mishap during this year’s…

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By Rich Carango | 15 January 2014

Humanizing Your B2B Brand through Social Media

Everyone loves Flo. She’s helpful, quirky and infectious. She presents a likable human quality for Progressive, the insurance giant she represents. But Progressive’s famous branding recently took a major hit during a social media battle about its role in a fatal automobile crash. Responding in a spam-like manner on Twitter compromised Progressive’s sense of empathy….

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By Chris Henneghan | 5 December 2013

New edutainment options for B2B websites

Let’s face it. Your B2B website faces tons of competition for your customers’ attention. You used to just have to educate prospective buyers, but now you also have to entertain them so they don’t get bored and click away before you get your key points across. Text and professional quality photos are no longer enough….

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By Chris Henneghan | 11 November 2013

B2B SEO: Not Just for Programmers Anymore

“So, you’re in public relations. Does that mean you, like, relate to the public?” I can’t recall how many times I’ve been asked what I do as a PR executive — or how I answered the question. When I entered the world of public relations just over four years ago, I spent my days writing…

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By Rich Carango | 21 October 2013

What a Brand Is – and Is Not

Brands disappear every year. Some of them are good, but most of them are not. Some are memorable — E.F. Hutton, General Foods, RCA — while others not so much. Anyone who grew up in the Philadelphia area, as I did, will remember long-gone company brands like Lit Brothers and Strawbridge’s (department stores), Schmidt’s (beer), and Gino’s…

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By Scott Clark | 9 September 2013

Don’t be anti-social

Many B2B marketers have only dipped their toes in the social media waters because they are still unsure of how to measure the ROI. However, as more data appear on the validity of using sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, companies will be more comfortable devoting part of their budgets to start social media…

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By Chris Henneghan | 15 August 2013

Content Marketing is Key to B2B Branding

Call it publicity, self-publishing or content marketing — the result is the same. Quality branded content reigns supreme across the digital platform, and marketers spend about a quarter of their budget on its development. Effective marketers spend 30 percent of their budget on content marketing. Less successful marketers only allocate 18 percent. There are several…

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