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By Lisa Goetz | 28 September 2015

B2B Knowledge Center: Turning Content Into Industry Solutions

One of the most effective ways to offer solutions to your customers’ challenges is to create useful content and promote it to key prospects who want it most. This is especially important in the B2B sales cycle. B2B buyers conduct a lot of research before contacting a company about possibly making a purchase. That means…

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By Chris Henneghan | 14 September 2015

Business Advice From the Pope?

I’ll admit it. The popular business book, “Lead with Humility: 12 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis” by Jeffrey Krames piqued my interest. The Pope is an inspiring man, but what the heck does he know about business? After all, he’s spent most of his life serving the church. I was skeptical, but I settled in…

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By Lisa Goetz | 21 August 2015

Turn the Page: Successful B2B PR Placements Go Beyond Print

When reporting on B2B PR placements, public relations professionals are often asked to classify them as print, online or social media, in that order. Sort of like win, place and show — or gold, silver and bronze. To some, an online or social media trade pickup isn’t considered as significant as publication in a print…

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By Scott Clark | 14 August 2015

SlideShare’s New Lead Gen Tool: Was it Worth the Wait?

As the social media gatekeeper for my clients at Schubert b2b, I am constantly seeking ways to get better results – new followers, more valuable engagement, qualified leads, etc. This is why I was so keen on SlideShare’s PRO feature. It offered some basic lead generation tools at a very reasonable (almost questionably low) price…but…

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By Lisa Goetz | 27 July 2015

Let’s Do Launch: Turn Existing Offerings into Fresh B2B Promotions

If you’re struggling to find “big news” to promote your B2B company, it’s time for some deep digging. Even if you’re not currently launching new products, your company is still newsworthy to your B2B audience. It just takes some introspection into your company’s capabilities ‒ and some creativity. There is always something to share with…

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By Chris Henneghan | 21 July 2015

3 Things You Might Not Know About Search Retargeting

Thanks to companies like Zappos, most B2B companies are familiar with the concept of site retargeting. You visit a website to check out products or services. Then, you see banner ads for those same products or services when browsing the Internet. This advertising service keeps your brand top of mind after prospective buyers leave your…

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By Lisa Goetz | 9 July 2015

Asset or Pain in the A**? Tips for Getting B2B Editors to Publish Your Content

Through social media outreach and blogs, we have become our own publishers. We can create and share our own content without having to get the approval of the traditional editorial gatekeeper. However, in a comprehensive B2B public relations program, it’s still critical to place a company’s content in trade publications that speak directly to their…

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By Rich Carango | 24 June 2015

“What exactly does your company do?” The Importance of USP in High-Tech Marketing

What makes you stand out from the pack? What makes your customers ignore your competitors and come back to you again and again? It all starts with identifying your unique selling proposition (USP). Your USP may be your most valuable marketing asset, especially because your products and services are complex. Your prospects need to understand…

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By Lisa Goetz | 16 June 2015

Tech Talk and the B2B Marketing Master Translator

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best analysts, engineers, chemists and developers in the technology sector. Their solutions are innovative, and they are all well-versed experts in their fields. They know the specs of their high-tech products down to the smallest details. But stepping outside of their company’s walls and convincing…

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By Schubert b2b | 10 June 2015

Customer service…lost art (or not)?

Not so long ago, before websites and email, people had to visually see products before making decisions to buy them. Who did they normally see upon entering a store or company? The customer service rep. They were the first point of contact and literally the face of what they were representing.  If the customer liked…

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By Chris Henneghan | 1 June 2015

Death of the white paper….and rise of video as valuable B2B content

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, right after Google? The reason is simple – everyone finds videos engaging and useful. This is even truer in business-to-business marketing, where companies are challenged to build awareness and relationships by quickly conveying complex ideas. Videos are becoming the top choice Videos have replaced the…

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By Rich Carango | 22 May 2015

Unique Selling Proposition – A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

If you keep your mind open to it, marketing lessons can come when you least expect them. Here’s my most recent example… I was at a client meeting, and it was my turn to write on the white board. As I walked to the front of the room, my client tossed me the bottle of…

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