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By Kate Smith | 10 June 2016

Is Your B2B SEO Strategy Suffering From These 5 Mistakes?

With search engine optimization constantly evolving, it’s important to make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest updates. Following old-school SEO practices could put your search rankings at risk for penalties and prevent your website from ranking as well as it could. We compiled the top 5 mistakes to avoid when trying to improve your B2B SEO….

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By Chris Henneghan | 8 June 2016

B2B Marketing Strategies: Use Lots of Sun and Less Wind!

It’s kind of ironic that to close sales today, marketers have to focus on the long term. That’s because disruptive marketing strategies don’t work anymore. Brands can no longer force potential buyers to listen to their messages because buyers can now find product and service information on their own via the Internet. When it comes…

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By Chris Henneghan | 2 June 2016

B2B vs. B2C Marketing: Storytelling is the Common Element

B2B marketers often focus on the vast differences between B2B vs. B2C marketing such as buyer motivations and purchase cycles. But a recent book got me thinking about one important commonality. Jonathan Shapiro’s “Lawyers, Liars, and the Art of Storytelling” makes a compelling case that all professionals should use stories to advocate, influence and persuade. We marketers…

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By Lisa Goetz | 24 May 2016

Is Your B2B Social Media Strategy Off Balance?

The English language is full of idioms that reflect how important balance is in our lives. We strive for work-life balance, hope to balance our budgets and try to eat a well-balanced diet. In our government, we expect a balance of power. We don’t want to be caught off balance and are uncomfortable when things…

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By Christopher Raymond | 18 May 2016

10 B2B eCommerce Stats You Can’t Ignore

E-commerce is more than just a buzzword. It’s a growing trend with large scale growth opportunities. In fact, a Frost & Sullivan report claims that the U.S., along with China, will be the largest B2B e-commerce market by 2020, with electronic sales reaching $1.2 billion that year. From small start-ups to well-established businesses, leveraging e-commerce…

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By Debbie MacKenzie | 12 May 2016

The Evolution of B2B Lead Generation

When you hear the term “B2B lead generation,” you might associate it with some form of electronic or online marketing. That was not always the case. The definition of Lead Generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. If you think about it, people have been using…

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By Lisa Goetz | 10 May 2016

Benefits of an Integrated B2B Public Relations Strategy

Is your company’s B2B public relations strategy an outbound one? That is, do you rely solely on earning placements of articles, product highlights and interviews in print and online trade journals? Or are you focusing on inbound PR tactics? Inbound tactics include publishing your own content and having buyers find you through internet searches and…

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By Kate Smith | 5 May 2016

Why You Should Add B2B Animations to Your Marketing Content

Everyone loves watching videos. With 1/3 of all online activity spent viewing videos, why not use them to your advantage? B2B animated videos continue to be a highly effective marketing tactic. They are useful for communicating educational information, promoting products and improving engagement with prospective buyers or existing customers. Animated videos work especially well in…

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By Scott Clark | 3 May 2016

Outbound vs. Inbound B2B Public Relations: What’s the Difference?

B2B public relations generates buzz about a company and its products. It attracts the attention of prospects through the media. This is done through press releases, pitching and writing articles for trade publications, arranging press interviews, and other outbound tactics. In an increasingly competitive marketing world, it’s becoming more difficult to track and prove the results…

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By Lisa Goetz | 29 April 2016

Yes, Your Company Needs a B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Your company is engaging in marketing activities. You have content pieces on hand. So, how do you pull it all together to create a formal B2B content marketing strategy? Here’s a little primer to get you started: 1. Who is using B2B content marketing? Your competitors. So, read on. 2. What exactly is it? B2B content…

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By Rich Carango | 26 April 2016

What The Presidential Race Can Teach Us About Choosing The Right Marketing Agency

The United States presidential race is the greatest quadrennial marketing blitz in the world. Every four years we are bombarded with radio ads, television ads, email campaigns, posters, bumper stickers, news stories and more all in the quest to get your vote. Every candidate shows off flashy websites, tells wonderful success stories, and promises that your life…

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By Chris Henneghan | 21 April 2016

Animatic Videos are the Perfect Way to Create Engaging, Tech Marketing Content

In B2B communications, marketers are continually challenged to nurture prospects and build trust by providing “remarkable content.” And research shows that content is most engaging when it is in a visual format like a video: Prospects retain 80% of what they see but only 20% of what they read. 90% of information that’s transmitted to…

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