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What Does B2B Customer Service Have to Do with Marketing?

We all want to attract new visitors to our websites, convert them into sales-ready leads and close the deal by actually selling them something. It only makes sense that we focus the bulk of our marketing efforts toward reaching these goals. But what happens after a...

Do Your Employees Show A Lack of Professionalism in Business?

Take a look at what I got in the mail...   At first, I was speechless. Then came a flood of thoughts. “What in the WORLD was this person thinking sending this note in this condition?” (The envelope it came in was worse.) “Did he really think this was going to entice...

Customer service…lost art (or not)?

Not so long ago, before websites and email, people had to visually see products before making decisions to buy them. Who did they normally see upon entering a store or company? The customer service rep. They were the first point of contact and literally the face of...

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