Integrated vs. Bundled: Is Your B2B Digital Marketing Truly Integrated?

Digital marketing

The word “integrated” is used a lot by today’s marketers — so much that it has almost become a buzzword. And like most overused buzzwords, it has started to lose its true meaning in connection with marketing communications. Some marketers use the word “integrated” to describe a program that simply combines several tactics and communication […]

How Social Listening Supports B2B Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

Social listening for B2B

In order to do social listening effectively, and to support a B2B marketing program, it must be addressing a specific problem or seeking specific information. There’s far too much noise on social media to “just listen” and hope for some insights. B2B marketers need to know exactly what they’re listening for. This can be achieved […]

Outbound vs. Inbound B2B Public Relations: What’s the Difference?

Inbound vs Outbound B2B Marketing

B2B public relations generates buzz about a company and its products. It attracts the attention of prospects through the media. This is done through press releases, pitching and writing articles for trade publications, arranging press interviews, and other outbound tactics. In an increasingly competitive marketing world, it’s becoming more difficult to track and prove the results […]

B2B Social Media Best Practices for Trade Shows

When promoting a company’s trade show attendance, most B2B social media marketers know that it’s best practice to include the event’s Twitter handle and hashtag in a post to ensure it gets seen by the right people. But the messaging for each post depends on what the specific marketing goals are. Is it registration, booth visits, […]

The 2016 B2B Social Media SEO Checklist

social media partner

Websites are an important place to start optimizing your brand’s online presence for search engine rankings. But that’s just the beginning of a strong SEO strategy. Did you know that social media can play a large role in getting your company found online? In fact, buyers use Twitter as a search engine in the same […]

3 Things You Can Do Today To Start Gaining Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of your coworker banging her head on her desk because the boss just asked for another social media ROI report. As always, she’ll gather the same low-hanging data — likes, clicks, impressions, number of followers, etc. — in hopes that the boss can translate that into some sort of […]

3 Marketing Technologies B2B Companies Can No Longer Ignore

Like the billions of bits of data buzzing through your computer and smartphone at this moment, marketing technology today is moving faster than ever before. And while consumers are quick to adopt new technology without much thought, B2B folks need to consult with peers before embracing new tech. They need to ask themselves questions like: […]

Your Tech is WOW. Your Marketing Should Be, Too.

Your company just spent countless hours perfecting its latest piece of technology. From initial concept to final product testing, your team has taken every step to ensure it works properly and meets your customers’ needs. Your technology may even have advantages that your competitors don’t offer, and it’s time to take it to market. But […]

Do You Remember These Moments in Philly Tech History?

Ever since Ben Franklin reportedly conducted the lightning rod experiment in 1752, setting off the spark for the development of modern electricity, Philadelphia has become a destination for technology innovators. The city is well-known for many other things (cheesesteaks, Rocky, The Liberty Bell), so it’s easy to forget about a lot of the tech innovation […]

SlideShare’s New Lead Gen Tool: Was it Worth the Wait?

As the social media gatekeeper for my clients at Schubert b2b, I am constantly seeking ways to get better results – new followers, more valuable engagement, qualified leads, etc. This is why I was so keen on SlideShare’s PRO feature. It offered some basic lead generation tools at a very reasonable (almost questionably low) price…but […]

Sweet on Tech: 3 Hot Tech Trends for 2015

We love technology. It’s at the heart of all things business-to-business. Whether your B2B company manufactures chemicals for industrial applications or offers training solutions for energy utilities, technology will play a key role in the type of product or service you offer, how you develop it and how you sell it to your audience. We […]

Perfectly timed crap is still crap

Marketing automation software is an amazing tool. The technology allows marketers to create custom campaigns with personalized content that automatically responds to prospects based on a mix of their actions and pre-set criteria. It executes repetitive tasks and reduces the risk for human error – effectively saving time during the lead gathering and nurturing process.    […]