How to Handle Negative (Genuine and Fake) Customer Reviews

B2B PR covers more than press releases and articles; it is about maintaining a favorable image for your company through your ongoing interactions with the media and public. That includes online reviews. Hopefully, most of your reviews are good, but since the invention of the internet, negative reviews come with the territory. And even in […]

Growth Hacking: Defined, B2B Strategies and Real Examples

What is growth hacking? You may have heard the term “growth hacking” before as it has been in the mix of marketing lingo for a few years now, but it is essentially a fancy term for strategies focused solely on exponential growth. It’s a marketing approach with the goal of acquiring as many users or […]

3 Key Benefits of Quality B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t just a buzzword anymore; it’s a staple of B2B marketing. However, if you are not familiar with this marketing strategy, here is the definition from the Content Marketing Institute: “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined […]

Two Ways to Keep Your B2B Content Marketing From Becoming Gobbledygook

Marketing high-tech products and services can be tricky. The complex details that make your offering special may not easily translate into marketing materials. And if you leave this tall task in the wrong hands, your content marketing can unfortunately turn into incoherent, useless gobbledygook.  Effective B2B content marketing turns your high-tech information into easily consumable, compelling […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers for B2B Social Media

Growing your B2B social media accounts can be tough. Breaking through the noise and getting your posts seen isn’t easy, and the increasing importance of social media is only turning up the pressure. Because of this, more and more companies are purchasing computer-generated bot followers to artificially grow their accounts. These bots make it seem like […]

Marketing Madness: The Elite 8 B2B Social Media Tips

The 2018 NCAA March Madness basketball tournament lived up to its name. With a total of 67 games played in a matter of weeks, ever-changing story lines and dramatic upsets — it was nothing short of madness! Much like the tournament, social media platforms are fast paced environments, where underdogs — often smaller companies — have […]

B2B Social Media Is More Than Just Scheduling

So, you’ve got your social media posts written, scheduled and ready for the next three weeks. Great, you’re off the hook until next month’s batch, right? Ehh..wrong! A B2B social media strategy that includes mass-produced posts may seem sufficient, but it is not taking full advantage of social media, and your audience can see right […]

B2B Social Media Trends We are Going to See in 2018

PR Trends

Social media has been around for some time now. Twitter launched 11 years ago, LinkedIn 14 years ago, Facebook 13 years ago — and you know what? They are still as relevant as ever. Companies across the globe continue to use social media as a vital part of their marketing strategy — creating content to […]

Improve B2B Social Media With User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content

B2B social media can open new doors for companies. Whether it’s engaging with potential customers or a tool to expand your brand identity, it needs to be leveraged correctly. Unfortunately, many companies only use social media to check a box. A classic, “Because other brands have a social media presence, we should too.” But in […]

5 Ways Account Based Marketing Works Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a hot topic that has been gaining a lot of attention — specifically in the B2B industry. And as a B2B marketing agency, we know all about this “new” technique. However, besides the name, the idea behind it is anything but new. This marketing approach has been around for some time, […]

B2B Marketing: The Age of Feeling

B2B Messaging

B2B has always been considered a rational industry. In B2C, a consumer can impulsively buy a new brand of cookies, and if they don’t like them, they just throw the box out and get a different one. B2B is the complete opposite. Jobs are at risk, and companies are affected when purchasing decisions go wrong. […]

B2B Digital Marketing Data — Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It.

B2B Marketing Data

B2B marketing data, let’s talk about it. It’s a real buzzword anymore, especially for every B2B digital marketing agency in Philadelphia. Marketing automation software has made data collection easier than ever. All the quantitative research you could ever want is at your fingertips, and this is great because marketers live in a data-driven world. It […]