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Fresh ideas and best practices from our team of B2B digital marketing experts

By Lisa Goetz | 30 June 2016

Improve Revenue by Aligning B2B Marketing and Sales

The classic struggle between B2B marketing and sales brings to mind a few lines from a song in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, Oklahoma: Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends. One man likes to push a plough, the other likes to chase a cow. But that’s no reason why they can’t be friends. Cute…

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By Lisa Goetz | 24 May 2016

Is Your B2B Social Media Strategy Off Balance?

The English language is full of idioms that reflect how important balance is in our lives. We strive for work-life balance, hope to balance our budgets and try to eat a well-balanced diet. In our government, we expect a balance of power. We don’t want to be caught off balance and are uncomfortable when things…

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By Lisa Goetz | 10 May 2016

Benefits of an Integrated B2B Public Relations Strategy

Is your company’s B2B public relations strategy an outbound one? That is, do you rely solely on earning placements of articles, product highlights and interviews in print and online trade journals? Or are you focusing on inbound PR tactics? Inbound tactics include publishing your own content and having buyers find you through internet searches and…

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By Lisa Goetz | 29 April 2016

Yes, Your Company Needs a B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Your company is engaging in marketing activities. You have content pieces on hand. So, how do you pull it all together to create a formal B2B content marketing strategy? Here’s a little primer to get you started: 1. Who is using B2B content marketing? Your competitors. So, read on. 2. What exactly is it? B2B content…

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By Lisa Goetz | 30 March 2016

What Does B2B Customer Service Have to Do with Marketing?

We all want to attract new visitors to our websites, convert them into sales-ready leads and close the deal by actually selling them something. It only makes sense that we focus the bulk of our marketing efforts toward reaching these goals. But what happens after a prospect becomes a customer? B2B customer service is a…

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By Lisa Goetz | 24 March 2016

B2B Social Media Best Practices for Marketing Success

Integrating social media engagement into your B2B marketing plan can be a smart way to reach your clients and prospects. According to this report from Social Media Examiner, by spending as little as six hours per week on social media, 66% of marketers surveyed saw lead generation benefits. More than half of marketers with at…

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By Lisa Goetz | 14 March 2016

Tips to Measure Digital Marketing ROI

Digital marketing attracts visitors to your B2B website through customer-centric content that’s SEO optimized. This inbound marketing approach not only helps prospects find you, but it also allows you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. As this article notes, only two things ultimately account for positive ROI: bringing more visitors to your site and…

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By Lisa Goetz | 1 March 2016

Content Marketing Starts With Audit of In-House Pieces

Content is a key B2B marketing driver. When done well, content educates, tells your story, grabs the attention of your target audience and moves them to take action. If your company is working to develop a successful content marketing strategy, a great way to start is by performing a content audit of pieces you already…

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By Lisa Goetz | 28 September 2015

B2B Knowledge Center: Turning Content Into Industry Solutions

One of the most effective ways to offer solutions to your customers’ challenges is to create useful content and promote it to key prospects who want it most. This is especially important in the B2B sales cycle. B2B buyers conduct a lot of research before contacting a company about possibly making a purchase. That means…

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By Lisa Goetz | 21 August 2015

Turn the Page: Successful B2B PR Placements Go Beyond Print

When reporting on B2B PR placements, public relations professionals are often asked to classify them as print, online or social media, in that order. Sort of like win, place and show — or gold, silver and bronze. To some, an online or social media trade pickup isn’t considered as significant as publication in a print…

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By Lisa Goetz | 27 July 2015

Let’s Do Launch: Turn Existing Offerings into Fresh B2B Promotions

If you’re struggling to find “big news” to promote your B2B company, it’s time for some deep digging. Even if you’re not currently launching new products, your company is still newsworthy to your B2B audience. It just takes some introspection into your company’s capabilities ‒ and some creativity. There is always something to share with…

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By Lisa Goetz | 9 July 2015

Asset or Pain in the A**? Tips for Getting B2B Editors to Publish Your Content

Through social media outreach and blogs, we have become our own publishers. We can create and share our own content without having to get the approval of the traditional editorial gatekeeper. However, in a comprehensive B2B public relations program, it’s still critical to place a company’s content in trade publications that speak directly to their…

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