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Fresh ideas and best practices from our team of B2B digital marketing experts

By Joseph Schubert | 14 November 2017

The Role of B2B Technology Marketing

We like technology marketing because that is where the action is. B2B technology marketing gets the juices flowing. If you market tech products or sell in tech markets, you know what I mean. No matter what technology you’re involved with, you spend your life on the cutting edge of human existence — who we are,…

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By Joseph Schubert | 12 October 2017

How Important are B2B Trade Shows?

That’s a great question considering B2B trade show participation requires such a large investment. In some industries, a trade show can consume up to half of your marketing communications budget. The production, manpower, travel, and show fees can add up. However, the possible customer nurturing, brand building, and sales prospecting can make it all worthwhile — if…

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By Joseph Schubert | 14 September 2017

The Waves of Digital Marketing

Our agency has been living in a B2B world for a long time. We recognize that integrated digital marketing is one of the biggest B2B advances in the last 40 years. And here’s the thing. The addition of “digital” puts B2B integrated marketing on steroids. You can reach anybody, anywhere, in a matter of seconds, at…

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By Joseph Schubert | 25 August 2017

The Role of B2B Outbound Marketing

B2B Outbound Marketing is No Longer Effective…  If you’ve been listening to some of the marketing automation software vendors, you might draw that conclusion. The hype is, “Out with the old: OUTBOUND”, and “In with the new: INBOUND”. There’s only one problem; that’s not the B2B reality today.   If you were to listen to…

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By Joseph Schubert | 8 August 2017

Where’s Your B2B Tech Marketing Headed?

Let’s imagine that your company is a ship, you are the captain and your marketing is your compass. Where do you want to go? And where exactly is your marketing taking you? Are they the same place? That’s important, and that’s our goal as captain, to lead our company (or ship) to its destination. Unfortunately, it’s not always…

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By Joseph Schubert | 1 August 2017

B2B Outbound Marketing: eBlast, Direct Mail, ACTION!

Now that inbound marketing is all the rage, it’s important not to lose sight of B2B outbound marketing and its various advantages. Outbound is PROACTIVE. You manage the action, and you control the pursuit of leads. Outbound marketing tactics are also direct and highly focused. They deliver your powerful brand message the way you want it…

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By Joseph Schubert | 13 July 2017

B2B Brand Identity Insights From B2C

Your B2B brand identity exists in the market’s mind. It has nothing to do with what you think or believe. It’s how the market perceives your company or your product. Rolex vs. Timex Borrowing from the consumer world, let’s consider two watch brands: a Rolex and a Timex. One is a high-cost status symbol, and…

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By Joseph Schubert | 7 July 2017

Tips for Writing an Effective B2B Press Release

In public relations, B2B press releases are a vital part of your company’s outbound effort. Press releases can function as an inbound marketing tactic too! They’re a great way to attract attention and gain goodwill in your industry. And the internet has made it easier than ever to get your release in front of people. In just a…

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By Joseph Schubert | 30 June 2017

3 Ways to Supercharge Your B2B Outbound Marketing

B2B outbound marketing is the proactive part of your marketing. The key word is ACTION. Unlike reactive marketing tactics, with outbound, you drive the action. In modern marketing, there’s a notion that outbound marketing is a dated or oversaturated technique. As a result, many people believe it doesn’t work. However, the opposite is true. Outbound…

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By Joseph Schubert | 22 June 2017

Philadelphia’s B2B Tech Marketing Agency

People always ask us, “How did Schubert b2b get into marketing technology?” The answer is simple: we didn’t get into it. B2B tech marketing is who we are and what we were founded on 39 years ago. We were born out of technology. It was a natural progression from computers to communications work for companies…

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By Joseph Schubert | 15 June 2017

Is Print Advertising Dead?

Is print advertising dead? Hardly. First, we had the internet revolution, then the inbound revolution. Each of them was screaming that print B2B advertising was dead and buried. Yet, when I walk into our media room here at the agency, I encounter a wall of monthly trade publications. There are thousands of skilled editors carefully…

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By Joseph Schubert | 9 June 2017

Advertising in B2B

B2B advertising is a unique marketing animal. But how unique? Unique to the point where likely no one in your company has ever been specifically trained in B2B advertising. Small Numbers You don’t market to millions of B2B companies. Your customers are not counted in billions or millions. In fact, many B2B companies often receive…

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