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By Christopher Raymond | 14 November 2016

5 B2B eCommerce Must-Haves

If your B2B company is still on the fence about selling online, consider this: B2B buyers are now more frequently buying online than over the phone and through other offline channels. In fact, B2B eCommerce is on course to hit $12 trillion in sales by 2020, according to a Frost & Sullivan report. Retail eCommerce giant has demonstrated how safe, easy and fun…

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By Christopher Raymond | 18 October 2016

5 Ways to Supercharge your B2B Website Conversion Rates

Conversion and friction — two words that constitute user experience. A good user experience is when website visitors happily and willingly fill out forms without hesitation and convert into a lead. Friction, on the other hand, distracts and hampers conversion rates, and often impedes the end goal of converting visitors into marketing qualified leads (MQL). Friction kind of…

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By Christopher Raymond | 25 August 2016

Maximize Your Marketing Automation with Conversion-Centered Design

A marketing automation platform (MAP) allows you to market more effectively across multiple channels while automating repetitive tasks. With nearly 70% of businesses using or currently implementing a marketing automation platform, its adoption rate is nothing short of staggering. But, no matter which MAP your company is using, all roads still lead to a website. That’s where prospects are…

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By Christopher Raymond | 13 June 2016

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your B2B Website Today

Is your company’s website a few years old? Perhaps it’s minty-fresh and was just launched a few months ago? So much work and effort went into getting it live. Now you can sit back, crack open a cold one and relax, right? Not so. Chances are there is room for improvement. The fact is that websites…

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By Christopher Raymond | 18 May 2016

10 B2B eCommerce Stats You Can’t Ignore

E-commerce is more than just a buzzword. It’s a growing trend with large scale growth opportunities. In fact, a Frost & Sullivan report claims that the U.S., along with China, will be the largest B2B e-commerce market by 2020, with electronic sales reaching $1.2 billion that year. From small start-ups to well-established businesses, leveraging e-commerce…

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By Christopher Raymond | 18 April 2016

Website Maintenance Services: How the Panama Papers Hack Could Have Been Avoided

The recent website leak of 11.5 million documents and 4.8 million emails from the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca, shows just how important website maintenance services really are. In fact, last year I wrote on this very subject, which you can read here. So, how does something like this happen? Could it have been avoided,…

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By Christopher Raymond | 19 February 2016

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Ask any marketer what they want the most from their website, and they will give you a one-word answer — leads. It’s rather simple, right? More leads equal more sales opportunities, which means a happy CEO, and that means a happy marketing department. But in order to get leads, you need traffic to your website. Any marketer worth their weight in…

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By Christopher Raymond | 2 February 2016

Why Your B2B Web Design Strategy Needs a Roadmap

Your website needs to inform and educate all of its visitors. It’s the hub of your company’s marketing activities and, ultimately, the catalyst for lead generation. To get the most from your site, you need to keep your web design strategy in line with business needs in an iterative, evolving manner. Creating a website roadmap…

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By Christopher Raymond | 2 December 2015

Website Maintenance Services – Why B2B Websites Need Ongoing Maintenance for Optimal Performance

For the past few years, B2B marketers have been forced to come to grips with a new fact of life — websites are never really “done.” When web development ends and the go-live date has come and gone, websites enter into a new phase of life — ongoing site maintenance. Modern websites can’t be left…

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