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By Austin Berner | 16 August 2017

3 Ways to Better Integrate B2B Public Relations Into Your Marketing

B2B public relations, or PR, is just what it sounds like — relating (connecting) to your public (or audience). It’s the process of securing publicity either for you or for your clients. PR bridges the gap between the customers, the media and you/your client. B2B public relations may seem like its own isolated or separate branch…

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By Austin Berner | 3 August 2017

Why Companies Are Turning Back To B2B Messaging

In the last 10 years, marketing has been an ongoing struggle to keep up with the Joneses. Something like this: CEO: “Margaret! I just heard that [Competitor’s Name] just got a ‘Tweeter’! What are we doing? Why don’t we have one?” Margaret: “Yes sir, we’ll get a Twee…erm…Twitter right away!” And on and on it…

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By Austin Berner | 1 June 2017

Why Should a B2B Marketing Agency Move to Account-Based Marketing?

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this term before. Maybe you’re grabbing your marketing dictionary (I’ll save you the trouble, don’t worry!). What is account-based marketing (ABM)? What does it replace? Does it replace anything at all? Can a B2B marketing agency use it? As people change, so too must marketing. Marketing, the process of selling a…

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By Austin Berner | 18 May 2017

Have We Reached Post-Modern Marketing?

Art, music, architecture — they’ve all gone through a few different phases or eras. Speaking from a musical perspective, there are about six recognized artistic eras: early, medieval, baroque, classical, romantic, modern…and even a semi-recognized post-modern era. What is Post-Modern? “Post-modern” is, in and of itself, an oxymoron. How can we have something that is…

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By Austin Berner | 10 March 2017

B2B Messaging: Does Your Content Need to Be Innovative?

We’ve all had it. The desire to make something, but when it comes down to creating it, it’s like there’s a concrete wall standing in the way. An idea, but perhaps not the words to say it. Maybe even not an idea at all. It’s the scourge of modern marketers—whether you’re a digital marketing agency in…

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By Austin Berner | 14 February 2017

3 Reasons to Consider a Full-Service B2B Marketing Agency

Never before have B2B marketers had so many choices when it comes to marketing. Digital marketing tactics have made it possible to do many things in-house — such as social media, press releases and more. For marketers looking to improve singular tactics, there is a slew of specialty agencies like website agencies, inbound agencies, social media…

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By Austin Berner | 20 January 2017

Digital Marketing Strategies: From Gestalts to Full Integration

Are you familiar with the term, “Gestalt”? It’s a German word meaning shape, form, or design. In English, the term Gestalt refers to a certain phenomenon where the brain perceives an organized whole as more than the sum of its parts. An example of a Gestalt in art is where the brain perceives negative white…

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By Austin Berner | 6 December 2016

What is PR and What Does it Mean for B2B Marketers?

As someone who studied PR in college, I received a fair amount of confused comments regarding my major. “Oh yeah, sure, PR…what’s PR again?” or “You’re an HR major, right?” and the dreaded “So, what do you want to do with that?” There’s a good amount of confusion surrounding PR, what it does, and why…

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By Austin Berner | 25 October 2016

Virtual Reality: The Future of B2B Communications

I have a distinct memory of my first encounter with virtual reality videos earlier this year. I was sitting in the cafeteria of my college, talking with a friend who had just come back from Los Angeles. He had what he was calling a “Google Cardboard” – what looked like a strange little cardboard box….

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By Austin Berner | 11 October 2016

Don’t Dig the Grave Just Yet…3 Tips to Resurrect your B2B Advertising

As things change in the marketing world, a sort of marketing Darwinism happens. Some companies see the change, adapt, evolve and therefore become the new leader. Others hold fast to what they have, and usually, by the time they want to make a change, it’s too late. Contemporary advertisers must face off against ad-blockers, the…

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By Austin Berner | 4 October 2016

5 Myths About B2B Websites That are Stuck in the Past

Websites certainly aren’t anything new. I can remember going on websites as far back as kindergarten and first grade. Granted, those were very different websites back then! In 1998, visiting a website usually involved booting up your stylish, new, high-tech Windows 98 computer and cueing up your dial-up internet provider’s page (Netscape anyone?). Then, you’d…

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By Austin Berner | 21 September 2016

Content Creation Strategy: the Conductor to Your B2B Marketing Orchestra

Maybe I’ve been listening to too much classical radio recently, but I couldn’t help but notice how B2B marketing is like an orchestra. Your content creation strategy is the conductor, bringing all of the elements together in harmony. Imagine an orchestra. There’s the sweet, tender string section with the violins, violas, celli, and basses. Then…

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