flaming_poopMarketing automation software is an amazing tool. The technology allows marketers to create custom campaigns with personalized content that automatically responds to prospects based on a mix of their actions and pre-set criteria. It executes repetitive tasks and reduces the risk for human error – effectively saving time during the lead gathering and nurturing process.   

Basically, we love marketing automation because it can make our jobs as B2B marketers easier. But this is only true if we use the technology responsibly – to send high-quality content that educates and engages prospects. The problem is it’s easy to spend too much time creating the perfect automation strategy and forget to take enough time to create valuable content.

After all, we can’t forget that content is the real power behind the campaign. And not just any content, but content that addresses the real needs of the people in the industries you serve. This is what builds trust between you and the prospects and will compel them to respond to your campaign. When content falls off-target, you risk annoying your audience with unwanted messages that will quickly find their way to the trash bin – like a flaming bag of poo on an angry neighbor’s door step.

So, as smart, ethical marketers, we must remember that perfectly timed crap – even when it’s personalized and served steaming hot – is still crap.

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